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Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate "Ultra" v1a & v1b with ICE40 and Icestorm :)
I'm curious why we couldn't support the JTAG auto detect?
I have a router with 20 pin header which should be a jtag, has not standard pinout, I tried many "jtag finder" none has had success.
All devices which I've seen, have more than 8 pins: 30, 24. So with only 8 pins I don't know how bus pirate detect all pins.

I'm sure we can do that.
Good...  :D
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate "Ultra" v1a & v1b with ICE40 and Icestorm :)
Have you seen this project:

It originally even had "Bus Pirate + Bus Blaster + Logic Sniffer" as description, but that is now removed.
Very interesting project. It has many pins, I think the new bus pirate must have at least 16 I/O pins, 32 is better.
Another interesting function is "automatically determine unknown JTAG pinout", with new bus pirate is very hard add it.
Not has uC ARM, but a 8051, I don't know which is better.
I hope the price will not be more than 50$.
General discussion / rtl-sdr ook analyzer and measure time
I'm analyzing a signal RF OOK with a RTL-SDR device. I'm a newbie with GnuRadio so I use it only for make a wave audio of the signal and analyze it. This is my flow graph taken from here
How I can extract the time in ms/us when there is modulation and when there is silence? I tried with audacity but is not easy to calculate.
I tried to use the project rtl_433 with command line

Code: [Select]
-a -s 1000000
for analyzing but it with give me only:

Code: [Select]
*** signal_start = 8925959, signal_end = 9279917
signal_len = 353958,  pulses = 191
Iteration 1. t: 483    min: 323 (87)    max: 643 (104)    delta 99289
Iteration 2. t: 486    min: 323 (89)    max: 650 (102)    delta 49
Iteration 3. t: 486    min: 323 (89)    max: 650 (102)    delta 0
Pulse coding: Short pulse length 323 - Long pulse length 650

Short distance: 320, long distance: 643, packet distance: 11349
Is there a way for convert pulse length in time? I see if I change the sample rate change also the length.
I tried the project ook_decoder but doesn't work it see only rumors.

Sorry for my very newbie question and thank you for your suggestions.
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: NFC TI TRF7970A Breakout Board for BusPirate or other HW
[quote author="TitanMKD"]but it is planned in fact you are the first one to ask for it.[/quote]
Very strange. Maybe the people not understand, how many feature has this IC.
So I'm waiting for it.

[quote author="TitanMKD"]I also maybe plan to do a new project 100% open source on Kickstarter to include NFC support and a powerful ┬ÁC (multi core ARM based) to build a Hacker/Developer/Tester tools like BusPirate including NFC analyzer(with features like Proxmark3) and other cool high speed protocol analyzer/debugger ... like BusPirate and why not some possible extension for BlueTooth, Zigbee, Wifi ...[/quote]
I would like to see a board with TRF7970A and STM32F4 on it, or better ARM CortexA15 (maybe is too much!!!).
Can you sniff also ISO14443* and 15693 with IC TRF7970A?
Proxmark3 for me is a big delusion. Good hardware, but the firmware is bad.