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General discussion / Re: Just for fun...
Thanks for the comments!

 hak8or, I intentionally did a direct cut from the intro snipe this time. I used a few fade to whites as well. Just wanted to mix it up a little on this one. :) I may do a lapel mic at some point... I kind of like the feel of the room in the audio though.
General discussion / Just for fun...
I had a little fun with a stepper motor this week. Thought I'd share it here... these things are pretty cool to experiment with as generators. If you get inspired, share your experiment in the Hack A Week thread.

Hack A Week # 43, Stepper Motors As Generators:
General discussion / Hack A Week
In response to the Hack A Day post in which they asked for a someone to fill a position on their staff as a designer and builder of projects... for #30K a year in Santa Monica... I decided to create "Hack A Week"!
This is no April Fool's day joke, it's real. I'll be posting one project a week for at least the next year! Big challenge yes, but also lots of fun! Stop in and see the first project for April Fool's day, "Screaming Altoids".

Visit thew website here:

...and the YouTube channel here:

Keep on Hackin!

Project logs / Light Controlled Sreamer with 555s
Here's a fun project to make with the 555 chip. It can be built as a stand alone circuit or you can put it inside a doll, toy or whatever! I'm entering this one in the 555 Contest in the Art category.

Here's how it works. When it's turned on, the 555 astable oscillators are activated. One will produce a high pitch squeal through the speaker and the other will blink the LED about twice per second. When you shield the photo cells from light, the frequency of the sound will decrease and the LED will blink slower. If you arrange the photo cells so that they are near the LED, some of the light from the LED will be reflected off whatever is shielding the photo cell. The photo cell will react to the light and raise the frequency while the LED is on, then go back to where  it was when the LED is off. See the video below for a demonstration.

Here's the project page on Dinofab:
Project logs / Re: 555 Based Fuel Injector Tester
My intent here was to build a device to trigger the injector in the car with a fuel pressure gauge connected and static pressure applied. You then observe the pressure drop and repeat the process on the other injectors. If one has a low or high flow, the difference will be seen in the pressure drop and then you can pull that injector for further investigation. A bit of variance in the analog output won't matter much.

I spent several hours yesterday drawing up a new schematic that has variable output. Now it can be triggered for 1 second, 5 seconds or continuous.
Project logs / 555 Based Fuel Injector Tester
I've posted this one elsewhere but it's a work in progress so I figured I'd share it here.
I spent about four hours today reworking the schematic and the next step is to make a PCB, solder up the components to it and get it in a new larger enclosure. I'll probably do another video of the PCB build because I'll be using the Laser printer technique with a twist of my own involved.

Since I use two 555 timers in this, I plan on entering it in the 555 contest:

I have a video on Youtube which explains a lot of what his project is about:

You can also visit the project page on my website:

Project logs / Re: PIC16-based 9-channel DMX512 dimmer
Looks like you really did some research on this project, and learned a thing or two.
I have been wanting to give Eagle a try, and now I know of a few things to be aware of when using it.

I look forward to a demo video at some point in the future. I've made a few small scale Arduino based LED dimmers, but only to test the concept.

Nice project post! :)
Project logs / Re: AVR VU meter and spectrum analyser
Nice project! I like the Arduino for things like this. I've got another Arduino project brewing but right now I'm all about a 555 project. Hope to see more from you. :)