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USB Infrared Toy / Re: Can't get it to work on Xubuntu 14.04
check it with a terminal program, "screen /dev/ttyACM0" or "minicom /dev/ttyACM0" once you are connected with one of those typing V gives a version string.

note that is ACM0, (zero) not the letter O.. I mention it because it is a common mistake and hard to tell depending on your fonts and if you wear glasses ;-)
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Toy not available after reboot on RPi
I don't know the actual current draw, but it asks for 450ma. I think that particular issue/case requires the PI to be powered via USB, with the PI drawing around 400ma there are brownout issues if a USB device pulls over ~300-400ma there is a Poly fuse that starts to trip in that (700-800ma) range.

Your issue is maybe/probably the suspend/sleep issue. Try doing the software based reset.. viewtopic.php?f=29&t=6480#p58648
Flashrom / Re: Micron N25Q032A11ESE40F
The section of the datasheet covering this is "Absolute ratings & Operating conditions", also "DC characteristics & Operating conditions"

In short yep. that is a safe assumption.. Now the cranky man wants to know why you asked something someone else already answered. =P

I have a related question however! so it's Ok really.

From the datasheet.
Vcc(abs) 2.4v
Vio(abs) Vcc+0.6v

Vil 0.3*Vcc
Vih Vcc+0.4v
Vol 0.4v
Voh Vcc-0.2v

If the BP is running of a battery pack with low battery voltage of around 2.8. And the N25 is running off it's own supply or a voltage divider at 2.4v. Wouldn't that put it within those specs? I didn't dig up the datasheet for the PIC but I seem to recall it will run down to ~2.8v

Vcc = 2.4v
Vio = 3.0v
Vil <= 0.9v
Vih <= 2.8v
Vol = 0.4v
Voh = 2.2

And now I'm obligated to remind you YES use a level shifter.
Flashrom / Re: Micron N25Q032A11ESE40F
It is a SPI device, with optional multiple channel. Pins are explained on page 10...


There is also a diagram on page 17, FIG 6
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Is this possible ?
It wouldn't be very "pretty" but the IC legs might be long enough to reform so you can solder a second on top then do some sort of a flying lead and switch to select which PIC gets power. This is of course theory I certainly haven't tried it.
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Sourcing BP v3.8 PCB Thick Film Resistors ... ent-276412

Looks like he has a 3.8 board already, and presumably already ordered the other parts. Shipping from mouser is prohibitively expensive on four resistors =(

Assuming you are in Denver you could consider swinging by the openhouse Tuesday. At the very least they should be able to point to you a local component retailer. IIRC there are at least two, one on the east side and northside of metro.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Can't get it to work on Xubuntu 14.04
^^ Agreed, you can tell a root prompt from a normal user by the "$" instead of a "#" on the prompt. You need to start/stop services as root. The second command indicates you user doesn't have the "serial" group, so i doesn't have access to the serial port device file.

"sudo service lircd start" <-- proper cmd to start the service, assumes it was properly installed with the prefix set to "/"
"sudo adduser rosita serial" <-- Enables read & write to serial port, which sould solve the irrecord "Permission" error.
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: pic18f2550 usb rudder controller
You might find these helpful.
You didn't mention what development environment you are using but I'm assuming MPLAB.. Mplab intro, slide 23 shows the UI for configuration.
Also didn't mention the target OS (Windows?), or simulator software. There are many projects out there for similar goals. Here are two you might find helpful, #1,#2

It seems the quickest way is to repurpose a cheap USB joystick by replacing and or relocating the analog POT..
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR Toy2 - Raspi - COM port comminication using perl
A bit of an old thread but here is some input if you are still struggling.

Firstly you should verify there isn't an error opening the port
die "Couldn't access $PORT: $!n" unless $ob;
Next you are altering the port settings, the IRToy firmware I do not think handles this. So only use the END settings you want (eg 1200 ...)
Next you only need to send an upper case or lowercase "U" (eg U or u, not "U/u")
And finally you will probably want to delay between sending the command to enter USB to Serial mode and the "/#1" command to the kamstrump device.

The quick look I had at a PDF from this device indicates it has a built in IR port that is used. If this is how you are intending to monitor the data, I am not sure how to proceed since none of the protocol was documented in the data I was looking at..