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Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
I can't find where the open software.

This is a fork of an open-source, so an open-source without Code but at least he shared all files re PCB.

I checked this since it is Electronics and I was more interested in his PCB Design than what it does. 

Re Unisolder 5.2 and 5.2c I am super happy with the work of SparkyBG and do not think this tiny thing can be compared to his awesome work. This is my opinion ofc and who is after size this Tiny design might be useful if it works fine with no bugs/ design issues, only those who is testing this can know.

Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
does this mean you destroyed 8 pumps ? 
May I ask if this is for sale please, if yes any idea re price?  We do daily repairs on power supplies the gun I have is an old Aoyue and compare to your video I need 3 times your time to extract your chip I am impressed

Sure not destroyed already return them where I work,  they all were good for the dsx80 but I want to use 1 toroidal, I was having weird issues such as unwanted noise interfering with unisolder while in the heater mode and refuse to heat up with no instrument at random.

This is not ready yet, the pot will be removed and set Ideal RPM buttons for each nozzle, Example Nozzle 1 = 800 RPM, Nozzle 2=  900RPM and so on, I have 11 nozzles ( Genuine Weller ) to play with, this will be calibrated using a vacuum suction meter and should help minimize wear and tear on the pump diaphragm.

This is not for sale sorry, I had a Hakko Fr301 EU version which I can understand you this 100 times better it did a great job with old solder @ 242C avg & no flux,
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
why import, Microchip the production is located in China.

The point here is not where they are made, but in China, you can find USA IMPORT which is the same sold by DIGIKEY as Worldwide Authorised Distributor.

The main distributor for China is "Microchip Technology Trading (Shanghai) Co Ltd.", 
The point here is that we can find CLONE PIC32 which are listed BRAND OTHER with suspicious packing and poor chip marking.

Anyone doing Unisolder for personal use one time and not for resale,  I suggest selecting Digikey, TME, Farnell or any other trusted supplier in the world.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
I believe it sure sometimes prices do not make sense but in this case, they are listed as CLONE.

Our Pic genuine is 4USD which is the price market value in the USA, it is impossible that this gets imported in China and they sell it at a loss which is 1.80 USD.

Buying from China does not work as you said, if the seller tells me that I am getting Genuine and I find out it is Fake then you owe me 10 times the price or your account will get shut down so who is selling around the regular price is not going to cheat on TMALL or JD trust me on this not even think they will lose their reputation.

Real PiC32 will be sold on a  reel with Microchip Markings on packing however most sellers in China after you ask them how they are packed they will show a square plastic holder White, Black or Blue.

Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
were right, checked on the latest firmware the scale is empty.

I am always right :), just when I burn something I am not.

I am also correct on the Fake Pic / Clones or whatever they are called  8)
The genuine one is LASER ETCHING and there is no way to remove the yellow dark colour unless you sand it.
Genuine or fake as long they are ok with the pickit I do not think it will be an issue.

Still, I got no reply on this post of why there is a huge price difference that is in CHINA with options,
If you are in CHINA you will select 17RMB or 58RMB?
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
I am serious mine does not do that, I am not lucky like Marco reps that fans send me crap PCB none working that need thinner to remove flux all over (Anyone watch that video pls do not do that to your PCB unless you are crazy like him). 

Maybe SPARKY can elaborate why it does that and my work as it should :))

Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller

LOL @vulkan35.

I am thinking of unsubscribing since I cannot read without saying anything :o 

 >>>>Enlarging non-existent problems is incorrect!
Go tell that to the ppl we help here for the past 6 months with this 511 where were you besides doing profit selling Unisolder hundreds of sets on tindie.
1st Case reported of 511 goes back to January 2021 -- board bought from tindie.

I am happy to see you here facing this problem, help your customers and maybe solve it once for all, thanks.