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General discussion / Re: Hand soldering 0.5mm SMD
Thanks for all the advice. Do people use lead free, or leaded solder? (I have some 0.7mm SnSb solder that i was going to use. Is this any good?)
Also, what sort of flux? I have a flux pen, and some tacky flux. Is liquid flux better?

General discussion / Re: Hand soldering 0.5mm SMD
[quote author="ian"]Dive in, you'll love it! It seems scary, you might fail a time or two, but I was surprised how easy it was to get into SMD (and I never looked back). Let me know if you want a 0.5 PCB to practice with, I may also have a burned out chip I can send too.[/quote]
I'm encouraged by my success in fixing my Web Platform (on the 2nd attempt), but that was SOIC with a pitch of 1.27mm (I think). Soldering 0.5mm will be more of a challenge. If you could send me a pcb to practice with, that would be great.

General discussion / Re: Hand soldering 0.5mm SMD
I'm tempted to give it a go. My soldering skills are ok, but I'm pretty new to SMD work.
The other option is to use a 44pin package (with 0.8mm pitch), but they are limited to 64KB flash.
General discussion / Hand soldering 0.5mm SMD

I'm looking for a low voltage 16 bit PIC with more than 64KB Flash. As far as I can tell, they are only available in 64 pin (minimum) packages, which have 0.5mm pitch leads. How easy is it to hand solder these?

Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: OpenMote
I've been thinking of something similar. I'm considering using the HopeRF RFM22 transceiver modules with a PIC micro running contiki.
For a gateway, I was going to use the webplatform (also running contiki)
Web platform / Re: Broken PHY or ethernet jack?
[quote author="ian"]
I try to fill every envelope to the 20g limit of a stamp (or 50g for 2). Make the post office work for their money.[/quote]
Good idea. May as well get your money's worth.
Web platform / Re: Broken PHY or ethernet jack?
[quote author="ian"]Cool, please PM me an address and I'll send it out today.[/quote]
Ian, thanks for the replacement (and the breakout board, which was an unexpected surprise)
After 2 attempts at replacing the chip (I've not down much SMD work before), the network on my Web Platform is working again - yay!
BTW, I'm currently working on a contiki port for the web platform.

Web platform / Re: Broken PHY or ethernet jack?
I also checked (and re-soldered) the ethernet jack. It all looks fine.
I guess it must be the ENC28J60.
If you could send a replacement, that would be fantastic. (I've ordered some chipquik to remove the existing IC)

Web platform / Re: Broken PHY or ethernet jack?
Hi Ian,

I tested the LEDs by changing the PHLCON register to make them flash. They are working OK.
I've also dumped the ENC28J60 registers, and I can see that it's set for half duplex, I just don't get a link!
It seems strange that everything else in the ENC28J60 works. Maybe the output drivers are faulty?
Is there any way I can test this?

Web platform / Re: Broken PHY or ethernet jack?
I've tried several cables and ports on the router.
I'm actually using the cable I had used previously. So I'm pretty sure it's not the cable or the router port.

Web platform / Broken PHY or ethernet jack?

I've just started messing around with my web platform after a couple of months on other things.
Strange thing is, I don't seem to be able to get a network link. The link light on my router does not light up when I plug the web platform in.
It has been working fine previously. I went back to the original Microchip demo code, but still not luck.
The enc28j60 seems to be working, as I can read the REVID from it, but when I read the link status it always indicates that the link is down.

Anyone seen anything like this before?

Bus Pirate Support / Re: HP03 Barometer module
[quote author="pppd"]Ah,, okay then.. although the data sheet tells you to keep it low when AD is not in use :)
Yes, I did read that, but couldn't implement it with the BP, so just left it high. It seems to work OK :) Maybe it increases the power consumption somewhat?
Bus Pirate Support / Re: HP03 Barometer module
[quote author="pppd"]Did you use on-board pull-ups? And CS to control the XCLR pin?[/quote]
I just pulled XCLR high all the time. Not controlled by the BP.
Bus Pirate Support / HP03 Barometer module
hi all,

I've just added a new pyBusPirate script to svn called
This reads from a Hope RF HP03 module. it uses the pwm function to setup the required 32kHz clock, then reads the EEPROM and ADC from the module, calculates the temperature and pressure, then finally adjusts the pressure for current altitude.

Example output:

Code: [Select]
Entering binmode:  OK.
Entering raw I2C mode:  OK.
Configuring I2C: OK.
Reading EEPROM:
20690 3546 316 663 32525 5587 2500
7 19 6 11
Entering BitBang mode:  OK.
Starting 32khz oscillator:  OK.
Entering raw I2C mode:  OK.
Configuring I2C: OK.
d1= 36979
d2= 32987
Entering BitBang mode:  OK.
Stopping 32khz oscillator:  OK.
dUT= 461
OFF= 14140
SENS= 20832
X= 23764
Temperature = 28.9 C
Pressure = 992.62 hpa
Pressure, adjusted for MSL = 1003.3 hpa
Reset Bus Pirate to user terminal:  OK.

It needs an updated, which fixes an error in setup_PWM (also in svn)

It may be useful to someone.