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General discussion / Seeed Studio EMS shipping - waste of money??
I have made some small orders on Seeed Studio Fusion before making the first relatively big one and so far used Singapore Post shipping. It cost me $2-3 and arrived in 13, 15, and last time in 23 days. Well, 23 days is not really fast, but what do you want for 3 bucks. This time, just because I didn't want to wait 23 days, I decided to use EMS shipping, which costs $30 and takes 5-10 days, according to Seeed Studio website. They provided a tracking code and in the next day it was updated with status 'Shipment arrived at facility'. Next status update 'Notification of shipment confirmation' occured in 5 days, and that's it. The parcel is in Shenzhen, 10 days gone and there's no any status update. Is that how it is supposed to work? Why charge $30 for the shipping method which doesn't even provide correct status updates? My project is literally stuck and there's nothing I can do but complain here. Maybe it's just a single case and EMS shipping does really work well and worth it's money? Has anyone had experience ordering from Seeed Studio with EMS shipping?