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Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
        0x0505 ,
        "   JBC   C210         ",
                1,                          //Type
                    0,                      //HChannel
                    7,                      //SChannel
                    1,                      //CBandA
                    1,                      //CBandB
                10,                         //CurrentA
                0,                          //CurrentB
                10,                         //HRCompCurrent
                202,                        //Gain
                0,                          //Offset
                {                           //TPoly
                    0,                      //c0
                    126.25,                 //c1
                    0,                      //c2
                    0,                      //c3
                    0,                      //c4
                    0,                      //c5
                    0,                      //c6
                    0,                      //c7
                    0,                      //c8
                    0                       //c9

                -1,                         //WSLength
                0,                          //PID_DGain
                (UINT16)(0.015 * 32768),     //PID_KP
                (UINT16)(0.008 * 32768),    //PID_KI
                4,                          //PID_OVSGain
                40,                         //PID_PMax
                30                          //PID_PNom
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
hi guys have a question, the 120th soldering iron stopped working, although the 115 series is connected in the same way and works perfectly, maybe someone has met this, the current does not change at the calibration point and the soldering iron itself is not detected, although in the calibration it is clear that it was detected normally.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
it was my first experiments on all types of soldering irons that I could buy, now it’s a little bit different due to the fact that I slightly adjusted the pid controls for each soldering iron separately and what you saw on this video didn’t work correctly since all the tools were powered from 24v, I described in more detail in the comments under my video
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
I met two revisions of the boards, black and red, and on both I had problems with the location of the resistors and about the same problem as yours, r27 and r28 on red and r65 and r63 on black
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Why many people so bothered regarding display? Original 0.96" display is already good enough. It's perfectly visible unless you have the controller 2 meters away from you, which is a rare case solved by 1.3" display. Integrating more complex display, especially color ones, and a touch screen is A LOT of work almost for nothing. And there is already a plenty of work to do in the controller functionality. It's a tool. It's not a Christmas tree.
Channels are interleaved, and they should, as it's an universal controller supporting a variety of different tools, it needs to switch not only the power but also temperature sensor as only one amplifier for each temperature and current sense on the board. The power is limited anyway. So having two or three powerful tools will potentially limit the power of each other, since even idling tool consumes some of the power.
As Sparky said, it's better to just have a separate controller for each tool.

Как сказал Спарки, лучше иметь отдельный контроллер для каждого инструмента.

для процессора такой мощности как сейчас это абсолютно не напряг и портов для добавления инструмента достаточно и он же и является отдельным управляющим элементом  для каждого инструмента тут всего то нужно немного допилить а нащот дисплея я думаю если у людей есть возможность и желание добавлять красоту в проект то мешать не стоит ибо( красота спасет мир) а сейчас сами понимаете время тяжелое
As Sparky said, it's best to have a separate controller for each tool.

for a processor of such power as it’s now, it’s absolutely not annoying and there are enough ports to add an instrument, and it is also a separate control element for each instrument; all that’s needed is to finish it a bit, and I think if the people have the opportunity and desire to add beauty to the project it’s not worth interfering because (beauty will save the world) and now you yourself understand the difficult time
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Checked HW, FW, went through Sparkybg's notes - this will require new HW revision, which won't happen at least until summer
коль пошла такая пьянка может стоит заменить дисплей на немного побольше и цветной как у нановерсии от jbc
since such a booze has gone, it may be worth replacing the display with a slightly larger and colored one like the jbc nanversion
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Еще вопрос для понимающих суть дела. Мы имеем универсальную станцию с двумя каналами но их мы можем настроить только работать паралельно как пинцет  и тут вопрос ,- почему бы немного не дописать код и не сделать работу етих каналов независимыми и тогда будет чтото на подобии как у жбс но хоть и без возможности имень вместе пинцет и паяльник или может еще лудше добавить в железо еще хотябы один канал и тогда мы сможем софтово собирать уже почти любые конфигурации из двух инструментов, ето актуально для нано версии, и конечно же не обойдется и без дополнительных каналов сна на подставке каждого инструмента

Another question for those who understand the essence of the matter.  We have a universal station with two channels, but we can only configure them to work in parallel like tweezers, and the question is, why not add the code a bit and make these channels work independently and then there will be something similar to the JBC but albeit without the possibility of a name  together with tweezers and a soldering iron, or maybe even better to add at least one channel to the iron and then we can collect almost any configuration from two tools softly, this is true for the nano version, and of course it will not do without additional sleep channels for subs  each tool
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller

Can you share what Vacuum pump you used for de-soldering gun? de-soldering gun is in my TODO list for last 10 years, but never found powerful enough 12-24VDC pump. link to the pump itself where I can buy it would be best!

P.S if you want you can always write in English and at the end of the post write it in your native language I assume Russian.
P.S. I don't speak in Russian (my Russian dictionary in my brain only stores swearing words), but most of the time I understand what you mean if I have message both in English and in Russian.

Take care, mate!
everything is described in detail under my old YouTube video.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
I have a great desire to add these things to the unisolder, but there is no way, since a lot of money was spent on the purchase of other tools, but if anyone has the opportunity or is in their hands, you can send it to me, I will add it and send it back to you, also in the near future if no one will do it before then I'll post the added and tested software with 115 series of nano tools. Today I checked the 105th series of tweezers and a 24V soldering iron and was very pleased with the result.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Talkos, that is great news! Could you please share your FW? It is great that you added the JBC nano devices and more, good stuff! I think a lot of people in the community would find it very useful :-)

As a general comment to the community: I am really glad to see we are getting some traction again in developing Unisolder, good things are happening all around, nice.