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Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
For Germany you can also try to buy from or Both have a large selection of electronic components available (much bigger than or and low shipping costs for european countries.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
so ask yourself if it is worth the hassle to go through all this in the first place to save up little money when there are other options with providing better shipping methods and maybe better products.
You've already said it: WHEN there are other options - but sometimes simply there aren't any. Sometimes you need to buy some kind of "exotic" plug or IC your electronic wholesale dealer does not supply and you can't find on eBay (and certainly not on Amazon). What to do then? Maybe it's available on Mouser or Digikey - but i don't see the point in buying one simple 5€ item when the shipment costs additional 4, 5 or sometimes even 10 times of the items price (as it is the case for me with Mouser/Digikey orders under 50€).

In the last years i discovered some international electronic wholesale dealers - namely (from Poland) and (from China) - which (thanks to warehouses in my own country) have reasonable pricing for their shipments and a fairly large selection of electronic parts. It's larger then the selection of my local suppliers... but sadly not as large as the selection Mouser or Digikey provide. So a lot of times it's still inevitable to buy from Aliexpress if i don't want to pay 30€ for a 5€ item. It's as simple as that. And (as i wrote): i don't had any bad experiences while buying over Aliexpress. I try to avoid buying there when i need parts as soon as possible. But when time doesn't matter i don't care buying there...
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Agreed. I live in Germany and my experience is almost the same... even down to the one case, where i only got a partial refund (even though i thought i deserved a full refund).
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
I buy stuff fairly often via Aliexpress... and only one time had issues with a fake tracking number. I immediately opened a dispute with a picture for proof that the item was delivered to an address far away from mine and got my money back with no issues whatsoever.
I've had different problems with sellers over the years - ranging from 'no delivery' to 'wrong item' or 'wrong item description'. But i've had never any issues settling those problems via the Aliexpress customer service. Even a month ago, when a seller sent me the wrong item - he apologized and promised me to send the right one asap. And it arrived a couple of days ago...

Yes... there may be a lot more dishonest sellers on Aliexpress than on eBay. But it seems to me Aliexpress does its fair amount of customer protection service nonetheless. It's not perfect for sure. But even eBays isn't perfect. But they know: it wouldn't do them any favors scaring buyers away with some sort of zero right and protection guidelines for customers. Aliexpress and eBay are selling plattforms - so they need both: sellers AND buyers.

Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
You can test your assembled Unisolder without any iron connected. But i would recommend testing it with an iron connected to it (since you can't assure if it's FULLY working, without any cartridge it can heat up).
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
I don't know what 'minkok' wanted to say with his post... but ID 1805 is correct for C245 cartridges:


... and the solder bridge between pin 53 and 54 should also be correct... since i did the same (except: i used a zero ohm resistor):

Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
@sparkybg  Hi,I just found two problems in the latest version firmware。
1. C210 the really temperature is very low than set temperature,about 100 celsius。
2. when iron in sleep mode,press any key it will go holder temperture。
I will chek on p.1, but p.2 is not a problem. Any action on buttons or encoder takes it out of sleep mode, and this is intentional, and it has always been this way.

For p.1 - remove C85 and C86 on the back PCB if you installed them.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
The original JBC... well... let's call them "forks"... those JBC "forks" (used on JBCs own stations to hold their Nano tools) are available to buy separately:


EAN: 8427327397798
Part no.: JBC-0016606
Cat. no.: 806839

I've searched for an elegant way to mount two of those to my soldering iron holder and decided to mount two of these cross bar holders:


... on the sides of my soldering iron holder, to put the JBC "forks" in. They fit almost perfectly... the one and only problem will be: i have to prevent the steel of the cross bar holders to directly touch the metall of my soldering iron holder. But it should be possible...
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
there is still no profile for nanotweezers.
I'm confused. I thought there is one... according to the iron.c:


And, I've added NT115 (Nanotweezers) profile, but it is not tested.
Oh... okay. I see now.

The resistors are given in the same table, and the connection might be like that on microtweezers, but I cannot tell for sure.
I only did some testing with the NP105-A nanotweezers. They seem to work fine. Connections are indeed the same as with the microtweezers. Can't say for sure if it's the same with the NP115-A nanotweezers.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
And another solution is a small heatsink on each component, but we loose heatsink surface this way. This is pretty common for small FPGAs when they get hot. For example 10x10mm heatsink is not that rare thing to see. Although I never thought about their performance nor analysed it.
There are some pure copper heatsink solutions which compensate the small mounting surface with their height and lots of flat fins. Like these (for example):


You don't see those kind of designs with all-aluminum heatsinks, since the material is too soft and brittle.

But i don't know much about their cooling performance either. I just used some tiny 6,5x6,5x12mm copper heatsinks for some mosfets in the past:


... which (as far as i remember) didn't perform as well as i was hoping they would.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
What other method would there be to secure the heatsink?
I used alumina/boron-nitride/epoxy-based 2k thermal glue in the past. With great success. I even dare to say: with too much success. Because i had a heatsink glued to an ADC ic in the past and the ADC failed and had to be replaced. Just out of couriosity i wanted to remove the heatsink. I tried brute force with a craft knife and even cranked my hot air soldering station up to 450°C in my attempt to remove it from the ic with lots of heat. All without any success :o .

So that kind of 2k thermal glue seems like a pretty reliable solution for mounting a heatsink... except when you are planing to remove the heatsink in the future ;) ...
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Did you try the last V1.33? My intention was to be used inside station case , as it is in mine case.
Sorry... i did not try it. It's too big for my holder... and i did not want to add it inside the main case, since i wanted to maintain a kind of modular construction to be able to switch to a totally different holder with maybe an optical sensor... if a new tool needs one (i have at least 3 fully equipped and programmed optical sensor pcbs still laying around here somewhere).