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Hacker Camp Shenzhen / Shenzen sightseeing
I'll be working in Hong Kong at the beginning of Nov, hoping to be able to sneak off for the odd day trip or two in Shenzen if possible.
I did this a couple of days last year - just wondering if there's anything other than all the HQB market madness to go see.
Is the Science museum worth a trip?
Tools of the trade / Re: High speed Pick & Place for $3600
I believe there is also a limit of 5mm for parts from feeders.
Placement order is also not an ideal solution. When things like feeder errors occur, you want it to carry on with the next feeder and do as much as possible before you need to go and sort it out (I don't know if their software does this, it certainly should), so you may have to go back & place parts after most have been placed, which will be a problem if there are tall parts already placed.
Tools of the trade / Re: High speed Pick & Place for $3600
Looks like it has a very major limitation, which may be a complete game-over for some users - the head only has 10mm of Z travel, which means it can't handle parts over 5mm high - a pretty epic fail IMO.
CPLD programmable logic / Re: XC9500XL support in Vivado 2013.4 Webpack
It would be nice if they;d at least strip out all the colossal file-bloat from ISE (including the big devices that webpack never even supported) for 9500 use.

Situation is the same with Lattice - you need to use their previous generation ISPLever software for their CPLDs.
Tools of the trade / Re: High speed Pick & Place for $3600
I do not think it has auto nozzle change. But it has 4 nozzles.
That may significantly impact placement rate optimisation by using the multiple heads

It might be easier and cheaper to ship one to Mike and let him review it for the rest of us.
Happy to do that if I can keep it, I'll even rewrite the script for your video in proper English!
Tools of the trade / Re: High speed Pick & Place for $3600
To the Neoden people - you really need to hire a Native English speaker to write your video scripts (not just to voice them).
Your video on Youtube looks great but the soundtrack is terrible, and makes you look very unprofessional.

A pick/place is a big investment, and if you want to sell to English-speaking countries, you really need to show that you can communicate better than this.