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Web platform / bella
Hello, this is my first post, sorry for my english, spanish is my languaje.

I'm finish the web-patform, and now i'm testing, but i have some problems. I know this product is discontinued, but, this is my questions.

I'm triyng to ping to webplatform, but it, not responding, if i check ethernet with wireshark, i see this lines.

webplatform send a DHCP Discover message, and the router send a
DHCP Offer, but webplatform, no change your ip (

I am using mplab 8.85, C30 3.02, and tcpip stack 5.20, I make the changes in file enc28j60.c, but nothing happen.

Is possible a hardware error?

Another question. I check with MCHPDetect.exe, if the webserver send startup message, but nothing, but if use pickit 2 to
debug the application, and set a breakpoint just 1 step before AnounceIp(); , when use step by step debugger, the webplatform
send the message, why this happen?

I will be appreciate your help
Best regards.

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