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Project logs / Re: Simple DIY JBC soldering station
hi, board is STM32F103C8T6 from ebay... I bought it and i must say : "it is piece of crap". Errata sheet is long as toilet paper. I spend a few days trying ADC manage to work but, no... simply no.... internal capacitor from AD integrator inject huuuuge amount of noise to ADC input (ADC1,ADC2, all channels !!! ) and it cause 1,6V offset (with 100k load on inputs drop to 0,6V). I2C is almost unusable. And so on... 

for me, bad choice
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re:
hi guys, i have same problem as author of topick and this dude

after i bought it, i tried it and it wont work so i flashed new firmware, it tooks few hours because were problems with PIC flash. I flashed new Demon FW (now i cant flash older FW (errors)).

it doesnt work with any SW software (official, Jawis or PulseView) and i am really pissed of because i spend 67€ for not working crap.

can you help me please ?

Project logs / IR cable for FLUKE
Hi everyone

Here is one of my projects. Original Fluke cable is too expensive so i decided made one myself.

Circuit is basic connection of FTDI FT232RL with one LM393 at output/input powered from USB. I seen this schematic somewhere on internet but i dont have link.

PCB is little bit fancy. It has 13,7x23,20mm double sided.

The body of connector is 3D printed from PLA.

gerbers and steps are included down.
Project logs / Re: My HAKKO classic and T12/T15 soldering controller
[quote author="sparkybg"]

Hey are good enough for their price. And because original JBC is way better than original HAKKO, better get a JBC C245 instead. Or PACE TD100 - the tips are cheap - 11EUR per piece, more powerfull and more compact than HAKKO, but the iron handle is expensive - around 100EUR.

I am using C245 most of the time, and I am VERY happy with it.[/quote]

after a few weeks of using C245 i must say...last sentence is absolutely true... it is a absolutely brilliant handle, much much better than any HAKKO (maybe original the new one but it cost 4 times more)...

it worth any peny

you can see how fast is and how good is power transmission from handle to object here :
Project logs / Re: My HAKKO classic and T12/T15 soldering controller
i suspect the PIC is damaged, unfortunately only suplier is farnell, i go on vacation so when i come back i order and replace PIC. Meanwhile i drawn my own controller, this version is with MSP430F5310 but i work on stm32F051 version, is cheaper (2€ against 5€) and more powerfull and i can do direct phase regulation. It will be fun :)