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Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: logic sniffer and ubuntu 12.10
I've compiled purejavacomm with the patch from (second one on the page). I've then swapped it for the one in ols and recompiled it, and it seems to work fine on my computer.

[s:]So in case anyone else wants to do the same but without the hassle of the compiling, I've uploaded the output to my dropbox,[/s:]

It is probably worth mentioning that the purejavacomm is not the latest release with the patch, but the head of their development tree (plus patch), so I'm not sure if that will cause any problems - hopefully it shouldn't.
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: logic sniffer and ubuntu 12.10
Thanks for the quick reply.

It's good to know that I haven't done something wrong but it is a shame that it doesn't work (I really like the new logic channel display).

I'm guessing there is no date set for when the fix will be released?
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / logic sniffer and ubuntu 12.10

I've had a logic sniffer for quite a while and I usually use it in windows, but I've recently made a switch to using linux and I can't seem to get it to work. OLS (v 0.9.6) works as a program but when I hit capture an error box appears - I've attached a log of the output from ols.
I've tried it with both openjdk and oracle's jre, so I'm not sure what might be causing this. It shows up as ttyACM0 rather than ttyUSB0, so I did wonder if that might have something to do with it.

I would be grateful for any help.
Breakout boards / 23k256 free pcb build
I received two of the 23k256 breakout boards around 6 months ago and I've only just got round to building them. As I received two, I decided to try fitting a serial flash chip to one of them - I saw that microchip did a 32 Mbit flash with a similar layout, the only difference being that pin 3 had to be pulled high rather than not being connected. I haven't tested them yet, but all the connections seem good.

23k256 sram

32Mbit serial flash