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Bus Pirate Support / Re: Bus Pirate V4 hang on power on
Actually my bad, when BP hangs, power pins should be off, it's kinda expected.

There's not much you can do unless you want to figure out which voltage regulator is bad and replace it with a new one. At this point it seems like refund is your best option.

There may be another problem like some short to ground or something else but they're hard to debug without me having access to the device.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: Bus Pirate V4 hang on power on
It may be a bad voltage regulator, it sounds like BP is browning out and USB communication is getting terminated.

What voltage level are you using? Maybe you can connect a resistor to test it out? Or do you have a voltmeter to measure the voltage on the output pins when BP hangs?
Flashrom / Re: Bus Pirate V4 reconnects everytime I use flashrom
I think the issue is that there is a reset command issued before going into the binary mode for Bus Pirate. This is to make sure BP is initialized correctly and serial commands will not do anything weird down the line. In v3 this is not an issue as USB communication is handled by the FTDI chip. But in v4, USB is directly attached to the PIC microcontroller. If PIC resets, the whole USB stack restarts, resulting in communication loss.

I vaguely remember somebody posting patches where reset was just causing the BP stack to reset without touching any HW peripherals. Maybe community firmware has this implemented?
DirtyPCBs support / Re: Board outline not found in .GKO file...but all other fab houses work
I don't know the specifics of DirtyPCB tester.

I see that all files have the board outline but only "Mechanical 1" files have internal slots. Also the board outlines "Mechanical 1" files and other files do not line up exactly.

I tried to line up outlines perfectly and also delete the internal slots. Both cases resulted in the same error message.

Contact us page may help as I don't think Ian is checking out forum messages frequently.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: BPV4A USB not work
Are you flashing the bootloader first vıa PicKit and then trying to flash the firmware via bootloader?

I think the bootloader has the fuse settings that determine timing which the firmware depends on. Also I've seen fuse settings getting skipped when programming from time to time, I would verify that those are getting programmed as well.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: [n00b] Help using bus pirate to hack a fingerprint encrypted USB
Serial line signals are TXD (transmit) and RXD (receive); you also need GND as that is the reference. No need to solder +5V as it seems like you are plugging the memory stick anyway. One thing I hate about serial is that direction is not obvious and it's not easy to figure out which direction those labels assume ( who is transmitting and who is receiving?!).

Looking at the picture in the slides and zooming in, it looks like they just connected GND pad to GND pin and TXD pad to TXD pin on Bus Pirate. RXD is not needed as that's for receiving data and you just need to send data to unlock it. If it doesn't work, you can connect RXD pad on the USB stick to TXD pin on Bus Pirate and try again.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: Logic Analysis problem
It sounds like a trigger issue in OLS, are you setting up any triggers? If you set up triggers, the device will not start capturing until trigger conditions are met.