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Tools of the trade / Re: High speed Pick & Place for $3600
I contacted Dangerousprototypes (via contact form) about the group buy but no response yet. Is anyone aware of another group buy? i noticed that neoden has some "lot" sales on alibaba where they offer 3 (for example) 240's at a great price. seems like if there are any other folks here thinking about a purchase, we should get together. I'm currently leaning towards a 240 because of the number of reels. I'm located in the US, in case that matters.

can someone post info on the last group buy and what the price ended up being (savings over non-group buy)?

anyone in for a group buy?

on another note: can people who already own and operate a 220 or 240 comment on it's ability to handle 0402 and 0201 sizes?
Tools of the trade / Re: High speed Pick & Place for $3600
what would you guess it takes to rethread all 16 reels? ballpark? 10 minutes? as said in my original post, i would just be concerned about the past getting too dry during the rethread. i would potentially have to rethread twice for some boards.
Tools of the trade / Re: High speed Pick & Place for $3600
Hi, i have been looking at the 16 feeder version but have a question:

my boards typically have anywhere from 30-50 different parts. even the 440 version (28 feeders) doesn't cover that. what do you busy typically do if you have more parts on a board than feeders? do you have to run the board thru the machine twice? aside from the overhead of doing that, i would be concerned that the past is dry by the time i have setup all new reels, etc.