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Tools of the trade / Re: T962 Reflow Oven

There is firmware available on GitHub for these machines, along with instructions for some minor hardware mods.

You can then manually update the profiles via the front panel.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR Toy firmware v23 tests

I have used it quite a bit and did not see such behaviour.  How did you determine that this was the problem?

I suggest you try to reflash the V22 firmware, to see if it helps.

PS: You should really open a new thread as your issue is unrelated to this thread.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Problems with IR command replay from command prompt (win
The LIRC con file look like a standard NEC 32 bit signal, ut with the timings a bit off. If I am correct the timings should be 9000,4500,560,1690. Changes these may deliver better performance.

The raw IRtoy output does not seem to correlate to the same signal, as the header values are incorrect

A0 hex = 160 decimal * 21.3333 = 3413. This looks incorrect or at least one of the signals you posted is incorrect. The other values seem correct.

try changing the first 2 hex values from
00 A0


01 A6
.... to get you 9000/21.3333 or 0x01A6

you may have to use a hex editor or write a script
Dirty Store / Re: Cheaper PCBS on the dev site and $.95/gram SLA 3D prints
all the same as

Yes, but based on the original post from Ian, my comments were in the context of an expanded service (..."with way more options"...) vs a clone of the existing DPCBs service and meant as feedback only and not just for protopacks.

I have no idea whether production PCBs is/will be targeted or not as part of the new service, but given that there seems to be an option as part of the website to have DP sell on boards for a commission I guess resale at least is envisaged. So far I have placed only one order on DPCBs (plus a second in the pipeline via the dev site) and the quality seemed to be at least on a par with similar services, with the really nice bonus of panelisation included.
Dirty Store / Re: Cheaper PCBS on the dev site and $.95/gram SLA 3D prints
Update: looks like the file name and total rounding has been fixed, from my earlier post. :)

However, because my file name is a bit on the long side it looks like the panel does not fit in the pop-up window. there is also some weird effect when I mouse over the item (actually when I dont mouse over it some info is not shown).

I am using Firefox & the order no is #50 - if you need to see it for yourself.

The '$' is now on one line and the correct amount is on another, probably the same issue as above.

(you proable just need to wrap the file name if it is too long or truncate it with .... )
Dirty Store / Re: Cheaper PCBS on the dev site and $.95/gram SLA 3D prints
No problem, I was just checking the difference and typing a response as you posted:

just checked and noticed that the shipping is an extra $1 with the 1.6 vs 1.2 mm boards (10x10cm +/-10), which makes sense if the shipping costs more etc.

When ordering I didn't realize there was a difference in shipping for different thickness. I must be 'pre-conditioned' by other suppliers. So maybe a note somewhere to highlight that, might be helpful in achieving the 'eco' goals.

But I tend to agree - in this case less can be more. :)
Dirty Store / Re: Cheaper PCBS on the dev site and $.95/gram SLA 3D prints
Some minor feedback points...

on the Ordered Items popup in the order History page (see attachement):
- The title is (I don't recall using that name anywhere...must be system generated??)
- The total is rounded up to the nearest $ (actual amount charged via PP & in order confirmation email was correct).

Other stuff:
- On the Buy page, it took me a while to figure out that there were more options behind the "Advanced Options" text. Suggest you make it more prominent or just expose all the options by default.
- The cost seemed to go up a lot beyond the protopack quantity (I suspect this may be an interim thing or a different supplier). e.g. +/- 10 ->$11.95 & 10 is $76.
- 1.2mm is the default setting for thickness & most places seem to default at 1.6mm.
- no HASL Lead free option?
- A custom size of 10x10 cm is $68 vs a custom size of 100x100cm is also $68  :)  (postage would be interesting)
- you should consider forcing users to enter shipping & billing address when registering to make checkout more streamlined.
- allowing users to enter their own project ID, might be helpful - if it is displayed on all the updates/status/history etc. Alternatively just use the original name of the uploaded file.

Overall, it worked fine so far & no issues with checkout or payment.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Help - IR Toy v2 apparently bricked
once you short the pins you need to upload the firmware again could also try to uninstall the driver and reinstall again

..restarting win7 could be another option after each of the above