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Bus Pirate Support / Re: miniscope v3

Dangerous indeed, for newbees! Actually, the bootloader is fine and apparently up-to-date V4.2. My problem was that the Windows firmware GUI upgrader just couldn't find the bootloader. So, I set-up and tried the Pirate-Loader console program,_Mac,_Windows%29 which worked flawlessly to upgrade this BusPirate from V4.2 to V5.8.

Miniscope V3 is now working for me with this minor quirk, that the app doesn't close until the BusPirate is disconnected.

Thanks for this cool BusPirate app.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: miniscope v3
Sjaak, Much appreciate your reply. Although I bought my Bus Pirate in July from SEEDStudio, it has V4.2 firmware. I tried to upgrade to V5.8 firmware, but something happened to corrupt the bootloader, so no luck. I'm not sure how to reload the current bootloader. The instructions to reload the bootloader are confusing for me, as the pages I found are obsolete and out of date. I need to reload the newest version of the bootloader. I realize that I may have only ONE chance to do this  via USB, if this is even possible.... please advise!

(Maybe I caused the bootloader corruption- at first I used the original ds30 Loader without the settings.xml etc files to attempt the firmware update as the link to this app is on the Bus Pirate firmware page. I didn't see that there is a special version of ds30 made just for the Bus Pirate, included with the Bus Pirate firmware!)

Otherwise, my Bus Pirate is still working ok, it passes the self test, etc.

Bus Pirate Support / Re: miniscope v3
I'm a  newbie with the Bus Pirate. Today I ran the self-test and Voltmeter (D), both working fine. Tried Miniscope V3 for the Bus Pirate. It doesn't plot, nothing at all. Miniscope appears to be communicating with the Bus Pirate, as the log shows it receives some start-up bytes. Assumed I connect power to measure to the ADC pin and ground pin, is this correct? Miniscope app doesn't close when I try to exit, instead it becomes unresponsive. What should I try next?