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USB Infrared Toy / Re: some questions about the handling; HELP
yes, the C# library does only sending. in my use case, I just had to receive the codes once from the remote, which can be done by the perl script.
maybe these codes are already the correct ones, but I would prefer to record them once using the script quickly.
just download the c# library and have a look at it, an example is included.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: some questions about the handling; HELP
Hi Chris
not exactly sure about your LED stripe product, but I would say the chance is very high that it works (no warranty of course)
you can simulate or replace the remote by recording each remote key first with the IR toy. once you have every code, you can send them later.
the connection to the device will be done via USB, driver you find on this website. windows 7 is no problem, but also windows 10 seems to work (if you plan to upgrade).
there is already a C# library. At the moment, it supports only sending and it requires the command in a hex string format (which can be taken from the perl RecPlay output), as you need to record only once.
additional, you need an USB cable (type A to mini) and a lot of time :)

Gruss, Manitu
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IRToy keeps crashing after repeated operation
just don't send flag 0x24, 0x25 and 0x26 before transmit and on receive, don't read these bytes as you will not get them.
(sorry I can't provide you some code as I'm not familiar with python, but should not be that complicated to change it).
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IRToy keeps crashing after repeated operation
I had similiar issues when I was working on Android. After a random number of operations it stopped working.
Unfortunately you did not write how you are going to send.

First I was using the suggested way with handshake, transmit count and notify on complete. I realized that the issue always happened while reading one of these three flow controls.
So I tried without all of them and then it worked. Give it a try.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: c# and usb ir toy v2

1. IrToy is receiver and transmitter.

to your second question: yes you can do this.
as far as I know, there is no finished out-of-the-box solution for your requirement.

there is a C# library (with sourcecode) to send commands to IrToy and read the responses.

To receive commands I've not done yet with C# but it should not be that difficult at all.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR Toy V2 orange light is ON all the time
maybe it just stuck in the bootloader. I had this a few times after the standby wakeup.
try this: connect the two pins in bottom right corner (jumper) and connect it then, flash the latest firmware, then unplug and remove the jumber.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Let's talk C#
I've updated the library as it caused some issues where it did not wait until IrToy has written all data to the buffer.
Gruss, Manitu
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Let's talk C#
Hi Smuddy

yeah I have a similiar project.
I started with Android with the plan to make an universal remote for the TV, AV-Receiver & HTPC. Unfortunately this idea is stopped; the IrToy has some problem as it stucks in bootloader mode when the smartphone/tablet goes to standby (deep sleep) after some time.

So now I plan that the HTPC is able to switch on the TV and the AV-Receiver and switches to the correct channels by a small C# program that I can launch via hotkey.

As my Android code was working quite well (apart from the standy problem) I have ported it now to C#.
It is not a perfect library (specially when there an exception happens it just closes the connection), but working.

The library is a Visual Studio 2008 solution and contains the 'IrToyLibrary' project which is setup as a library (DLL) and there is another 'IrToy' project that is a sample how to use it.
At the moment, it supports only sending and it requires the command in a hex string format (which can be taken from the perl RecPlay output).

just let me know your experience.

Regards, Manitu
USB Infrared Toy / Re: HELP!!! USB Infrared Toy downloads, help, FAQ
Hi mone
is your refered project the android library (it looks exactly like my example)?
you can record such strings via the perl script form the provided package and then convert the binary file to hex string with the bin2hex.exe found in this thread.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR Toy firmware v23 tests
[quote author="fwb"][quote author="JTR"]Forget that version. It has a number of coding errors. In fact there was one each in SUMP irS and irWidget. One each was enough to break it badly. These have been sorted out and there is new firmware that is been rather extensively tested. When that hits the shelves then do upgrade to that as it really sorts out a rather interesting timing problem that has slipped through unnoticed and there are rumors of a functional Easter egg that I cannot confirm or deny.[/quote]

Can you clarify, are you saying to forget the v23 that is in the first post?  Has the new firmware hit the shelves yet, or where is it?[/quote]

what is the current state of v23? is there an improved version available or still the one from first post with the 'forget that version' note?