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General discussion / Re: Plunify interview questions
[quote author="arhi"]what do you mean by "xilinx has pulled their licence" ? Looks like I missed a bit there[/quote]

It means that Plunify cannot legaly use Xilinx tools for such a service.

It's hard to say what happened here, and assuming Plunify had a contract with Xilinx, they will (most likely) not be allowed to talk about it because of an NDA. If they did not have an agreement to use Xilinx tools for their service, what the heck were they expecting?
Project logs / Re: Small-scale biofuel production
Thanks. To be honest, after writing the report, I couldn't be bothered to provide all the details on the website so just tried to summarise and hoped for the best.
Project logs / Small-scale biofuel production
Hi everyone. Not too long ago, I finished my master's project. The goal was to develop a small biofuel production system. I have been working with three other students (an EE and two MEs) and my job was to design and build a control system.

The design is based around a PIC18F66K22 microcontroller. The board has a switching power supply supporting an input voltages of up to 34V, five thermocouple channels, HD44780 LCD interface, a battery backed RTC and a microSD card slot.

The control unit interfaces with an electrical system (designed by my colleague) to control solenoid valves, motors and heating elements.

The programming was done in C and there is support for all the hardware except the RTC and microSD card.

If you want more information, my website has links to project report, schematics and source code.
Client software / Re: OLS client 0.9.4 RC2
[quote author="jawi"]@armandas: on what platform are you seeing this? I've tried to reproduce this on my Linux (work) laptop, and the client runs just fine...[/quote]

I run Ubuntu 10.04. I did not have this problem with last version (not sure whether it was RC1 or beta).
Client software / Re: OLS client 0.9.4 RC2
Hi. I just downloaded the RC2 and I get the following error when trying to launch the application from a different location than its install directory. For example:

This produces an error:
Code: [Select]
armandas@ouroboros:~$ ./Apps/OLS/

This starts the application:
Code: [Select]
armandas@ouroboros:~/Apps/OLS$ ./

Note to mods: I had to put the error messages in the file as the filter kept asking to remove off-site links.