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USB Infrared Toy / LIRC actual working code
Is there actually working code for LIRC in Linux right now?

I got it wokring once, but now I am switching from my RaspberryPi to a RIoTBoard and I can´t get Lirc to work anymore.

When it comes to select the USBIRToy in the setup it just crashes with a bunch of syntax errors in the "".

Also the patches don´t work anymore with the most recent version of lirc from git.
More errors than succesfull changes...
USB Infrared Toy / Irrecord problems

I´m trying to record the signals from my several remotes with irrecord.exe within WinLirc.
I´ve got one of them running with an standard RC6 header file i´ve downloaded.
But the other two remotes are making troubles.

As soon as it´s coming to the part where to record the buttons, it always says "Sorry, something went wrong."
I´ve also tried different Header files and complete files of similar devices with those but always the same errors.
Also tested all of the different Firmwares for the IRToy.

For one of the remotes I´ve found a working config. But not all buttons are working, because it´s for a different device. The missing buttons can´t be recorded.

Recording and playing the signals with the irtoy rec/play tool works perfectly. But I need the data in WinLirc.

Also I´ve read somewhere that irrecord under Windows is not as good as under Linux.
So I´ve installed a virtual machine with debian and installed lirc. The IRToy is being detected and also blinks when receiving signals, but in irrecord it doesn´t receive anything.

So here are my Questions:
1. Is there any possibility to convert the signals from IRToy Rec/Play Tool into a WinLirc Config?

2. Is there a good step by step tutorial on how to configure Debian with the IRToy and lirc to get it correctly working?

3. Are there any other possibilities to record the signals with windows?

Hope someone can help me with that.