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Client software / Comboboxes in 0.9.7 don't work with mouse
First of all, it took me while to find this subforum, my apologies for
contacting the author directly. Here goes the write-up:

In version 0.9.7, the dropdown (combobox) widgets in the capture
dialogs don't work anymore. I mean, they _do_ drop down, but it is
not possible to change the selection. This happens both in the sample
rate setting and in the recording size setting.

I resurrected version 0.9.6, and things are normal there. I can
even set values for both (sample rate and recording size), and
they will then be read in 0.9.7 (but are unchangeable).

After focusing the combobox with a mouse click, it is possible to select
the sample rate (or capture size) with the keyboard. <enter> then
correctly selects the item.

I just noticed that the Color scheme selection combobox _does_
work with the mouse. Not entirely normally though: The dropdown
menu appears at the other end of the OLS window, completely
separate from where the actual Preferences dialog is (8 cm away).


Note: I'm using JRE on Slackware Linux
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Trigger method question
Hi all,

This is my first post, and I just got the Sniffer working! Works nicely...

Given the reduced size of the storage, I was thinking it might be interesting to have trigger mode which only stores if there is a change on any of the lines (or on selected lines). Particularly for a project which I'm debugging, this would be very useful, as I am not really interested in the lime scale per se, but I am interested in
the sequence of  changes.

Would that be possible with a reasonable effort?