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General discussion / New $14 MPLAB Snap In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer
MPLAB Snap In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer allows affordable, fast and easy debugging and programming of most PIC®, dsPIC® and AVR flash MCUs  and it's $14 only ... =MPLABSnap

 I sincerly don't understand Microchip marketing strategy.

the differences from PICKit4 can be found in this document on Page 4 ... 02787A.pdf
General discussion / What PCB design tool are you using? anyone using Kicad?
I'm getting back to a hot subject related to PCB design tools. I'm mainly interrested in those who switched or are using Kicad?
Why did you switched to or left Kicad?
I know that Adafruit is switching to Kicad, and Olimex switched completely to Kicad long time ago.
Any feedback ????
General discussion / Are you using Kicad ?
I'm long time user of Diptrace (and long time hater of Eagle), and I'm looking at switching to Kicad in order to publish open hardware projects made with completely open software tools.
Are you using Kicad? are you using it to produce real boards?
any return of experience or feedback will be welcome.

General discussion / What chips are you using for your developments?
Are there a lot of users still using 8bit microcontrollers? it has been a long time for me since I didn't produced something really useful using those chips.
Also are you using PIC32 chips? I really can't find information about PIC32 adoption in the market.
General discussion / Signal level coverter/adapter
I have found a schematics of a level converter at Pololu,

I zoomed the transistors used by this module if anyone can help identify them

Can anyone suggest a ref for the mosfet used? pololu refuse to disclose the ref they use, and btw, I want to use it for up to 10MHz if possible.

General discussion / XC32 and Gcc difference
I'm looking at an alternative to Microchip XC32 for PIC32 development. Do you know the difference between XC32 and the stock GCC (modified by Codesourcery if I remember) that supports MIPS architecture?

The only one I'm aware of is the "#pragma config"  directive that Microchip added to handle PIC32 config words.
btw, I'm not talking about associated files (I know that glibc and other soft float ... are proprietary), I'm talking about the compiler itself.

Project logs / HAKKO 936 clone
I have been checking the universal soldering controller and Arhi SID projects for some times now, and I have just two questions:
1- Why bother making such controllers when you can just buy an AOYUE int936 for only 37€ and you can use all hakko clones tips and heater elements. This AOYUE seems to be the true clone of the original HAKKO 936. ... r-cms.html

2- Since the original HAKKO schematics is available, why not simply replicate it (as AOYUE does)?

General discussion / 1.8" seven segments displays on ebay
I have bought a set of 5 x 7 segments display 1.8" from ebay ... EBIDX%3AIT

I received them today. I found no datasheet for those displays on any website using google. Also, when I tested them using my Fluke multimeter, I found that only DP (decimal point) LED works. When I tested using a small power supply (3V3 and 5V using a 100R resistor), my fears have been confirmed. Despite the fact that those displays comes with a film on them suggesting that the displays are new, only the decimal point is OK on them. Seems those are rejected displays and are sold on ebay as new ones. (I checked all the 5 displays, same behaviour for all).

Did anyone had experience with them please?
General discussion / Looking for plastic box (enclosure) like JTag
For one of my electronic boards, I have spent a lot of time (many days) on aliexpress and ebay in order to find a plastic box (encolusre) similar to those used for JLink Jtags (or ULink) without any success.
Can you help? Did you crossed a reseller website (or ebay link) where I can find such boxes?
Of course, I need blank boxes without any marking on them in any color and any dimension, in fact a smaller (x0.5) box would be perfect.

Any help would be very appreciated.

General discussion / Which Solder paste
I just wanted to kno which solder paste are you using for your smt boards soldering?
can you provide links where you buy them? (ebay, mouser, ... )