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USB Infrared Toy / IR Toy .bin to IRScope .ict converter script.
Here's a quick & dirty perl script to convert captured USB IR Toy .bin files into .ict files that can be read into IRscope (a windows utility) for display and analysis.   IRscope is a windows only utility by Kevin Timmerman and Graham Dixon.  The source code is available.   I'll post info about IRScope on the Dangerous Prototype's wiki.

Here's the code and some screen shots.   One is a Sony CD Stop and the other set of Panasonic codes are the test.bin that Anton posted recently.

Hope This Helps,

(Ian, feel free to use.   Also could .pl be added to the allowed file types for the forum)
USB Infrared Toy / Suggestions for user contributed software in source code repository.
I notice you're adding user contributions from the forum to the IRToy subversion repository.   While this makes things more convenient right now, I suggest you at least add a README with possibly the link to the forum thread that you extracted it from(*).  Someone who comes along later is going to have a really hard time figuring out what all this stuff is and what is current.   Further, I'd suggest making sure these are labeled as user contributions, (typical convention is a "contrib" directory) so it's easier to distinguish the more "official" or more directly maintained software from things that were pulled out of the forum.   It might help to put the contributions in separate directories by contributor.   If the contribution becomes a more official project with multiple maintainers then one could "promote" it out of the contrib/user/ directory and into it's own directory.   In other words it might be worthwhile to make a distinction between something that was copied from the forum and a project that is being maintained by someone with SVN access.

(*)If the software gets a DP wiki page, the README should ideally be updated to point to that.

Just some suggestions, there are many ways of organizing this stuff, but I thought I'd make a few suggestions while it is still early.

Hope This Helps,
General discussion / Utiilities to access USB serial devices that aren't comm ports.
This is probably a bit off topic for here, but I've seen a bit of USB, serial, FTDI knowledge in these forums:

Are there any good utilities for accessing (probing, testing, monitoring) USB serial devices devices that don't get installed as a virtual comm port?

Right now I have a USB cable for a proprietary serial device.  The device has an FTDI chip inside of it with a custom VID/PID.  The windows driver I believe is using the FTDI direct interface, not the VCP interface that would give it a virtual COM port.

I'd like to explore this device and was wondering what utilities I can use.   So far I've tried PortMon, Hercules, RealTerm, and Terminal by Bray++.  They all seem to want virtual COM ports.  It's possible I'm just not using them correctly.

Thanks for any insights,
USB Infrared Toy / Using SUMP with the IR Toy
I'm trying to use SUMP (under linux).  The good news is, I can successfully complete one capture of an IR code.     The bad news is I can't get it to do any subsequent captures.    SUMP attempts to do the capture however it never completes.  The LED does not come on.   (It does go on when I start the first capture.)

A quick test with terminal emulator (I'm using screen under linux), after I exit the SUMP client, I can type an R or X and get back an OK or an X01 respectively.

Note: I'm seeing the device under linux as /dev/ttyACM0, dmesg gives a line about it not being able to make calls since it's not a modem).   To get SUMP to work, I make a symlink to ttyUSB0 from ttyACM0.    (I didn't see where to tell sump what devices to look for.)

Thanks for any help.
USB Infrared Toy / Drive more LEDs
This may be a bit off topic ...

If you wanted to drive more leds, and add the necessary circuits being discussed to do it, would you attempt to modify the existing USB IR toy boards or would you build a new one?

Is it feasible to build the USB IR toy  in a through hole board or on breadboard?    I guess the first step is a through hole PIC that would use the same firmware.   Of course something to program the PIC would be needed.   Is there any chance the bus pirate could be used to program the PIC?