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Bus Pirate Support / Intel hex file generation

I am going to enhance my AVR based PIC programmer I posted in other thread to enable user to export instructions from a PIC to hex file. The problem is that I am not sure how to generate proper hex file. I know how to parse a hex file but what I do not know is:
1.) how long data records shall application create?
2.) linker usually generates 16 and 8 byte data records. Is it mandatory?  Does anyone know why and when linker creates 8byte long records instead of 16bytes? Would it be ok to create 1byte long data record?
3.) Is it safe to skip some addresses i.e. leave hole when some code area is not programmed?

Bus Pirate Development / Homemade Bus Pirate

I came across the Bus Pirate in a wiki and I was so fascinated about its capabilities that i could not resist to build one.
Unfortunately I just noticed that I cannot upload a firmware because i have access to "high voltage" pic programmer only.
According to information on this forum and I guess I have to build/buy some PicKit2 programmer as well. Am i correct?
I cannot wait to see the awesome Pirate in action :)

The Pirate in progress: