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Breakout boards / PIC18F67K90 Breakout Board

Here is a breakout board that I designed. It is specifically for the PIC18F67K90 chip, but it will work with some other 64-pin microcontrollers from Microchip. All port pins are routed to standard pinheads. Power pins have .1uF bypass caps near the chip and the power connection is bypassed by a 10uF cap. A standard HC49 crystal is also included. Schematic and board files are in Eagle format.
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / PicKit 3 in Eagle format
I have the PicKit 3 schematic drawn into Eagle if anybody is interested in helping with the layout. It would be a big challenge to do the layout single-sided, and I am not very good doing double-sided boards.

If somebody will help with the layout, I will pay for the boards from Seeed - as long as I get 1 or 2 for me, I will donate the rest.