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General discussion / Re: Storm related electronics is underlooked
fortunately the ice did not make it to my area, however i received 10 inches of snow. I too keep flashlights, batteries, fuel, food and medical supplies handy. one under looked area in at home disaster planing is communications.

I am a ham, and have a few hand-helds for these situations. however the closest repeater won't key up with out at least 20 watts. both my base station and my VoIP are dependent on the grid. fortunately the lines from the main road are buried and outages are rare where i live. however the closing of Vermont Yankee. has me wondering if i will need a reliable backup for my radio, VoIP, modem and server and switch. The problem i seem to be encountering, is that i can't run a generator or have large batteries inside the building because of restrictions imposed by my fascist landlords.

I have considered getting a ups, however most units will only allow me to keep power for about 20 minutes. what i should do is create an Ethernet switch that will bypass the server for only the VoIP and let everything else power-down.
Project logs / holiday break project
who's been working on projects this holiday?

i just hit a relatively high point in one of my projects.


just barely up to spec for 2M tranmitter.
General discussion / OHS 2013
I will be at OHS this Friday, at MIT

Is there anyone attending this years ohs?

should I bring a hack? or is this a bad idea given the MTA's dislike for home-made devices? (I will be traveling on both commuter rail and the T)
General discussion / Re: Question about cable for generator
if this is a going to be a (semi)permanent location I would definitely ground it. or have a short jumper to quickly ground it in emergency.

it may be rated 25 amps per outlet max, but it may have a different rating for all outputs combined.

do yourself a favor and use GFI outlets on your home made extension, after a hurricane there wont be anything dry in sight.

buy a lock and cable for it, after a disastrous event, generators are often the first things to grow legs.
General discussion / deadbugging
here is a little project made using parts from the junk bin.
homemade ESR meter (without the meter part currently)

parts used
78l05 to-92
various 0805 caps
many 1/8 and 1/4 watt carbon resistors
1n4004 and 1n4148

there many versions of this on the web, a quick search for ESR schematic should many more results that should work.
General discussion / help finding electronics stores
via the contact form,

Are you in Japan? I would like help finding electronic parts store like Akihabara, but closer to Yokohama or more south. Can you help?

What kinds of maker clubs are there in Tokyo area? English or Japanese speaking is fine.
General discussion / Global Geek tour NYC 2012
a few pics and mild commentary
Our fearless leader interviewing at Hack Manhattan Hackerspace
Makerbot Replicator 2 at Makerbot store
Lunch for 22
General discussion / How will SOPA and PIPA affecr open hardware?
All of the talk about SOPA and PIPA, and the voluntary censoring of websites has forced us into thinking about how these pieces of legislation would affect us. because the internet has no boundary it would effect all of us.

what are your thoughts about this, and how will sopa and pipa effect the open hardware community?
General discussion / birthday gifts to myself
here is a quick snap
[attachment=1]the thing works perfectly, up to 2M, no noticeable distortion, counter is right on with the scope.

i'll tear it apart soon ;)
Project logs / Re: Portable Software Defined Transceiver
i have been toying with the idea too.

especially a portable unit, using a gumstix overeo and fpga it could be done but will be costly. gnu radio is a great software package.

if a second 24bit audio codec can be attached to the gumstix without to much trouble, it would reduce the need for a larger fpga or even possibly just the si570 and an cpld.

i have a few eagle files for layout purposes it should work well, there are some single chip I/Q demodulators that would work well.

i'd like to have the ability for vhf/uhf t/rx