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USB Infrared Toy / IR Toy locked in bootloader in Win10
First post here. I bought a v2 board about 6 years ago and used it successfully for some time - not sure what OS I was using it on at the time but it seems likely that is was 32-bit.
Recently, I plugged it into a Win10 (1903) PC and got the same failures as described here back in 2010 (I read this too late unfortunately):-

The only real solution I could find in this thread is to boot XP but this is not a realistic option for me in 2019 - I've thrown all the XP disks out.
I've tried all the suggestions but everything results in:-
U2IO flash erasing: FAILED.
Device is not found.
Operation aborted.

The amber led remains on when I plug it into a Linux machine - no USB devices in /dev - just a human interface as for Win10.

Has anyone found a solution for this in the last 9 years?