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Bus Pirate Support / New BP, v3b, firmware update fail :(
hope someone can save me..   here are the steps I did:


Went to the bottom for this link:

Firmware Flashing

Refer to building-and-flashing-firmware to see how to build and flash this firmware.

Installed XC16

Installed MPLAB-X

Followed the "Building" section.. MPLAB-X showed success:

BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 15s)
Loading code from /root/bp-latest/Bus_Pirate/Firmware/busPirate.X/dist/BusPirate_v3/production/busPirate.X.production.hex...
Loading completed

Followed the flashing steps... with (failed):

root@michelle-nx9420:~/bp-latest/Bus_Pirate/package/BPv3-firmware# ./pirate-loader_lnx --dev=/dev/ttyUSB0 --hex=../../Firmware/busPirate.X/dist/BusPirate_v3/production/busPirate.X.production.hex
  Pirate-Loader for BP with Bootloader v4+ 
  Loader version: 1.0.2  OS: Linux

Parsing HEX file [../../Firmware/busPirate.X/dist/BusPirate_v3/production/busPirate.X.production.hex]
Found 17866 words (53598 bytes)
Fixing bootloader/userprogram jumps
Opening serial device /dev/ttyUSB0...OK
Configuring serial port settings...OK
Sending Hello to the Bootloader...OK

Device ID: PIC24FJ64GA002 [d4]
Bootloader version: 1,02
Erasing page 0, 0000...OK
Writing page 0 row 0, 0000...ERROR

Error updating firmware :(

Now, I can't access BP, although it appears I can trigger the bootloader with PGC and PGD  (mode LED lights up)?

I'm not sure what to do next  :(