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Flashrom / Issue with new flashrom transfer mode
Thanks for adding the new transfer mode - it greatly speeds up FlashROM: less than 2 minutes for reading 512kbyte of flash, instead of more than 12!

Unfortunately, there's a bug, and it seems that it's in the BP firmware.

The first byte of large transfers is sometimes 0xff instead of the actual value. So far, I could narrow it down with some observations:
  • It's always the first byte of a transfer. Other bytes aren't shifted one byte to the right or otherwise invalid, they are just fine
  • Block size doesn't matter (256b and 128b transfers were tried)
  • It only affects the byte if it's >=0x80 (none of the corrupted bytes was <0x80 originally)
  • It doesn't affect all first bytes that are >=0x80 (some came through correctly)

My theory (not knowing the BP firmware code much) is that the BP sometimes stumbles if the first bit is set - maybe some timing issue while reading?

I attach a current flashrom build for win32 with the patch for the new transfer mode ( applied.
WARNING: This will read corrupted data!