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Project logs / Let Copper String Lights be Blighter
I’m not an expert nor do I have a degree in electronics stuff.I am a do it yourself guy who like to open,fix,modify and upgrade electronics stuff. Now I am modify the copper string lights powered by USB (5V), Solar (3.7V Lithium Battery), 3V CR2032 or AA (1.5V) batteries. The first time I did it,I accidentally killed or damaged the Solar Panel PCB (printed circuit board) controller and a small volt meter that I used to adjust the volt boost step up module.
My goal is to make them be bright and visivle form a distance.
- Wires (red/black) if needed
- 9v Battery Connectors (Available on eBay and Amazon)
- Tools to cut, trim, crimp
- Soldering tools if needed
- Heat shrink tubing for wires if needed
Maybe needed:
- 2 Pin Waterproof Connectors if needed (Available on eBay and Amazon)
^ I like the 2 Pin Connectors because it allow me to change string colors (red, green, blue, warm white, cool white, else) or power sources (Solar, AA, USB, else). It also allow me to use LED controller (8 modes) if I want to.
Actually I have bought multiples (red, blue, green, purple, warm white, cool white) copper string lights from different sellers on eBay and Amazon. THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME BUT NOT ALL STRINGS ARE THE SAME. I have found some strings with USB plug, AA, CR2032 or Lithium batteries can be powered less than 12V but some with POWER PLUG ADAPTER must be powered at 12V.
Some copper string lights come with a diode on it. I have removed them from all string lights.
Step 1: Removing / Cutting String Wires
String wires with USB plug have diode attached. I removed them because they started getting very hot (smoking) when tested at 12V.
Step 2: 2-Pin Waterproof Connectors for Strings
2-Pin Waterproof Connectors - available on eBay and Amazon.Don't forget to check which two wires + red or - black.
Step 3: 2-Pin Waterproof Connectors & 9V Battery Connectors
Obviously, more 2-Pin Waterproof Connectors for 9V Battery Connectors.
Step 4: Ready to Use
They all should be inspected, checked, tested, and ready to go.
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Make a Digital Clock For My Computer
My project uses an PCF1175CT,specialized for clock applications. PCF1175CT( PFC1175CT product link) is a single chip, 4.19MHz CMOS clock circuit providing hour and minute functions with 12-hour or 24-hour mode. It is designed to drive a 4-digit multiplexed data (duplex) to the LCD (liquid crystal display), having 13 output pins to be used for 26 output signals.
Settings the time is controlled by the switches connecting the S1(hour) and S2(minute) pins to VSS. When S1 and S2 are connected to VSS at the same time, all LCD segments are switched ON. Releasing the switches S1 and S2 resets the display. The operation in 12-hour or 24-hour mode is selected by connecting the MODE pin to the VDD or VSS respectively. If the MODE pin is left open and a reset occurs, the mode will change from 12-hour to 24-hour mode or vice versa. Static or blinking colon can also be selected by connecting the FLASH pin to VSS or VDD respectively.
General discussion / Hello
Good afternoon~friends, how are you today?
I am so happy that I found this forum today. Because There are lot of information provide me to study.