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Flashrom / Flashrom stalls while reading flash
I am trying to read the firmware of a MX25L6406E chip. I am using flashrom 0.9.8.

When I run flashrom on Ubuntu 14.04 (on a virtual machine):

# flashrom --programmer buspirate_spi:dev=/dev/ttyUSB0,spispeed=1M -r myfile.bin -c MX25L6406E/MX25L6408E

I get the following:

Calibrating delay loop...delay loop is unreliable, trying to continue OK

Found Macronix flash chip "MX25L6406E/MX25L6408E" (8192, spi) on buspirate_spi.
Reading flash...

Now the RX and TX lights on my buspirate flash for a file, but after a while they go off and flashrom doesn't stop saying "Reading flash" and I believe it stalls. I left it for a couple of minutes and nothing changes. There is no file called myfile.bin in the directory that I am running it from.

What could be the problem.