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Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Question on operation mode
I'm considering buying a Open Logic Sniffer but i need to know somethings first:
does it work only like: trigger -> record -> view results
or can it also be operated such that it shows in real time the logic states of its input pins on a PC screen?
Flashrom / Problems reading a W25Q64FVAIG (W25Q64.V)
I got a buspirat and I'm trying to read a BIOS chip W25Q64FVAIG (W25Q64.V) with the Flashrom tool, it detects the chip but the read seams to take forever and does not finishes.
my command line is ./flashrom --programmer buspirate_spi:dev=/dev/ttyUSB0,spispeed=1M -r ~/winbond.bin

it says
Calibrating delay loop... OS timer resolution is 1 usecs, 3973M loops per second, 10 myus = 10 us, 100 myus = 105 us, 1000 myus = 996 us, 10000 myus = 9983 us, 4 myus = 4 us, OK.
Initializing buspirate_spi programmer
Baud rate is 115200 now.
Detected Bus Pirate hardware v3.5
Detected Bus Pirate firmware 6.1
Using SPI command set v2.
SPI speed is 1MHz
Raw bitbang mode version 1
Raw SPI mode version 1
Found Winbond flash chip "W25Q64.V" (8192 kB, SPI).
Reading flash...

and thats that, what am I doing wrong?

EDIT: Ok forget it, it worked, it just took forever....