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USB Infrared Toy / IrDroid
Recently, someone on the Lirc mailing list asked for help with a piece of hardware called IrDroid. I got interested in finding out what it was all about. So I ordered one such. To cut a long story short, it turned out that it is nothing but a stripped-down (bootloader. IR Detector, accessible GPIO pins missing), and old firmware (2.0)! After soldering in the ICSP header, I could succefully flash the 2.2 firmware (AND bootloader!), and Lirc was happy.

So, simply put, IrDroid is half of an IrToy to twice the price. Well.... Congrats to Dangerous Prototypes!

Full thread: ... 10586.html


USB Infrared Toy / Support for debugging LED
The IrToy contains a few GPIO, which are normally unused. It is easy to solder some LEDs to these, to get an idea of what the thing is trying to do, and to help with debugging. Actually, I implemented this in IrScrutinizer already in version 1.1.2, the current version, but never told anyone about it :-). It works like this: Whenever the device is opened, one LED (RA5) is on. When the device is waiting for IR signals, another (RA3) is on. Finally, RA4 is lit whenever IR transmission takes place.

I just implemented this in the Lirc driver by Peter Kooiman, irtoy.c.  The first three LEDs work in a similar fashion, there is also a fourth one, RA2, which is on during actual reception of IR. It is submitted as merge request to Lirc, where it can be downloaded for those who do not want to  wait.
USB Infrared Toy / IrScrutinizer: Software for IR capture etc, supporting IrToy

I would like to announce myself and my software, IrScrutinizer. 

IrScrutinizer is a powerful program for capturing, generating, analyzing, importing, and exporting of infrared (IR) signals. For capturing and sending IR signals several different hardware sensors and senders are supported. IR Signals can be imported not only by capturing from one of the supported hardware sensors (among others: IrToy, IrWidget, Global Caché, and Arduino), but also from a number of different file formats (among others: LIRC, Wave, Pronto Classic and professional, RMDU (partially), and different text based formats; not only from files, but also from the clipboard, from URLs, and from file hierarchies), as well as the Internet IR Databases by Global Caché and by IRDB. Imported signals can be decoded, analyzed, edited, and plotted. A collection of IR signal can thus be assembled and edited, and finally exported in one of the many supported formats. In addition, the program contains the powerful IrpMaster IR-renderer, which means that almost all IR protocols known to the Internet community can be generated.

Written in Java (with the exception of two native libraries), most of the functionality of the program is available on every Java platform. The native libraries (DecodeIR and RXTX) are presently available for 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, Linux (x86 and amd-64), and MacOsX, and can with moderate effort be compiled for other platforms.

The program is free software licensed under the GPL3 license.

The present version is called 1.1.0, and can be downloaded from my website. I just fixed a number of IrToy related issues; a patch  kit containing these fixes is found as

Only Version 2.2 of the IrToy firmware seems to work well with IrScrutinizer.

Bug reports, suggestions for improvements etc, are kindly solicited.

(Sorry I am not allowed to post URLs, Google for "IrScrutinizer" for an URL.)