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Web platform / MCStackDemo won't compile
I'm attempting to compile the MCStackDemo app provided on the Web Platform SVN.

I'm seeing a lot of issues between versions of the C30 compiler, and the microchip TCPIP library files. I've spent 2 days trying to track down the right combination without luck, and I'm getting marred in the complexity of tracking down dozens of different "hacks" that people have used to get this version or that version working.

So now I'm attempting to use the current version of C30 compiler: v3.31, and the latest TCPIP stack: v2010-10-19

Using this combination my first problem occurs when the TCPIP Stack calls on plib.h, these peripheral libraries don't appear to be included as part of the C30 compiler.

does anyone know where I get the correct plib libraries? I'm not intimately familiar with what I'm trying to track down here.

Code: [Select]
Executing: "C:Program FilesMicrochipMPLAB C30binpic30-gcc.exe" -mcpu=33FJ128GP204 -x c -c   "C:ProgrammingWebserver1.1Microchip Solutions v2010-10-19MicrochipTCPIP Stacketh_pic32_ext_phy_rtl8201FL.c" -o"Objects - TCPIP Demo App-C30eth_pic32_ext_phy_rtl8201FL.o" -I"." -I"C:ProgrammingWebserver1.1Microchip Solutions v2010-10-19MicrochipInclude" -I"%PROGRAMFILES%MicrochipMPLAB C30include" -g -Wall -mlarge-code

C:ProgrammingWebserver1.1Microchip Solutions v2010-10-19MicrochipTCPIP Stacketh_pic32_ext_phy_rtl8201FL.c:37:18: error: plib.h: No such file or directory
Web platform / Getting started building custom web pages/CGI
What we're trying to do is make a simple web request such as:, process that data by sending it out the IO pins and provide some textual/html response. Initially we'd be happy just to call our own code and flicker an LED of course.

We've got the web platform v1.1 board all set up. We've successfully loaded the demo microchip website, and we've successfully loaded our own HTML web pages onto it (as well as the microchip demo pages).

Our next step now is to get the web platform to execute our own code so we can control the hardware.

I don't see any documentation that explains how custom code/webpages get created for the web platform. If such documentation exists I have not been able to find it, please direct me to it.

Without documentation I'm working backwards from the examples that are provided. I've successfully used MPFS2.exe to package our static web pages. I see in the microchip demo HTML code that the webserver can do some fancy server-side code, such as in this example of forms.htm:

Code: [Select]
<select name="led4"><option value="1" ~ledSelected(4,TRUE)~>On</option>

where the function ledSelected(...) is clearly defined in customHTTPApp.c (though it's not clear to me how this code ever got deployed to the webserver as I don't see mention of it in any file in the 'WebPages2' directory).

I also see the use of CGI programs deployed along side the html files in the microchip demo app. Though I've compiled a simple hello world cgi app in C using MPLAB and tried renaming the output .HEX file to a .cgi and tossing it in with the webpages, the webserver only serves the binary file as if it was HTML. I don't know how to make it recognize a cgi application (which seems like what we want to be able to do).

Any pointers to documentation or in the correct direction would be helpful.