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General discussion / Re: Help with a simple lm317 circuit
How hot is LM317? Also how much is the current draw of the LEDs? My guess is due to the difference in voltage LM317 is getting too hot and over temp protection circuit is kicking in.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: My BP4 died
Hi Mick,

Can you try your BPv3 as a pic programmer? There should be a command for detecting the PIC. I'm just saying this because Pickit 3 has some problems too.

If all else fails, I believe I can replace that PIC. Only problem is I cannot find that one locally.
Sick of Beige / SOB Google Sketchup plugin
Finally done with the plugin, added all the bells and whistles.

To install, you just put the "SOB.rb" file in the zip file under Plugins folder. This gives you a nice menu addon as seen in the following picture:
When you click on that menu option, you get a basic dialog box:
You enter some parameters and voila! You have a nice dox design. There are 3 choices for side panes: None, interclocking and stacked. You can see why I named them as such when you create the different designs: Interlocking has interlocking side panes, they are sturdy but sometimes hard to assemble. In stacking you first put the short sides' panels, then long sides' panels stack on top of that because of the tab adjustment.

Just tell me what you guys think. Can change dialog box stuff easily. Also I can upload it to SVN if you want it.

General discussion / PC case from a plastic A4 size document case
Had to build a case for my print server at home, moving the printer & the motherboard to my roommate's room and I don't like leaving important electronics exposed there (high risk of sth messing up the thing). So I got a document case for 210 yen (2 euro), drilled some holes, made an opening for USB & ethernet cables, mounted the thing and voila! It looks real ugly but it'll do until I find a better replacement. :)
Sick of Beige / SOB Sketchup Plugin
Hi y'all!

Finally done with the Sketchup script, I had a couple of show stoppers and had to rethink & rewrite some of my code, but totally worth it!

Currently I don't have a dialog box, you have to manually edit the top part of the code for some dimension information. Tried to add as much comment as possible, for any questions, please feel free to ask. I used meters as dimensions because I remember that the scale was in meters for board files.

I'm attaching the code in a zip file. Unzip it under plugins folder of your Sketchup. Also here is a picture for you.

Feel free to torture the program, I tried to test it as much as I can but there may be bugs, you have been warned! :)
General discussion / Happy new year!
Yep,it is 2012 here in Japan. Best wishes and

May 2012 be full with "Dangerous Prototypes" for all!
General discussion / Re: Eagle vs. Altium DXP or Designer?
I've used Proteus before but I was used to Eagle and after a few routing trials I've just used it for simulations.

If you are going to switch: Eagle has a steep learning curve, there are guys at my hackerspace who said "how hard can it be?" when I first started my Eagle workshops and now I route their boards and they are on the list for the new workshop. Sparkfun has nice tutorials, try to follow them.
Bus Blaster JTAG debugger / Bus Blaster FPGA programming
Hi guys!

I was wondering if anybody used Bus Blaster for FPGA programming. The problem I have now is that I cannot program the board I have. I use the general CPLD tutorials, I generate a .bit file in the end (synthesis). I'm sure that I have to do sth else with IMPACT as svf file generated cannot be loaded, it just gives an error. "detect" and "print chain" commands work, but I know that I have to upload the file to the EEPROM, but got a little confused there.
Project logs / Effects loop switcher + power supply
Hi guys,

I recently decided to get rid of my old Digitech RP300 multi effects processor and form a set of stomp boxes (single effects units) as my effects loop. One reason for that was my processor was driving me crazy sometimes, especially with the knobs (if it gets hit, or shaken, settings change, which happens during performances) and also I wanted to have a collection of stomp boxes (recently I was in a shop to buy one, I felt like a kid in candyland!). Currently I have 4 of them, and I'm planning to add more. The ones I have are:

- Dunlop Crybaby (Wah wah): 9V, 43 mA, 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector, barrel positive.
- MXR Carbon Copy (Analog Delay): 9V, 26 mA, 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector, barrel positive.
- Boss MT-2 (Distortion): 9V, 20 mA, 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector, barrel positive.
- Boss NS-2 (Noise Suppressor): 9V, 20 mA, 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector, barrel positive.

But, I'm planning to add one or more of them to my loop, for example a phaser, flanger and/or a rotary speaker. But as I get more effects, possibility to do "tap dance" to chance them during playing also increases. So professionals use something called loop switcher,  which is a unit that you program and when you press a button, it changes the effects you are using. But they tend to be expensive and buying is no fun but making one is! :) So here is the project outline:

- Make single switch units: There will be one for each effects pedal. It uses a DPDT relay for passive switching. There are schematics available buy there might be a "pop" sound while switching. Some say that I need something called snubber circuit (an RCD circuit) for protecting the relays and making them switch slowly to get rid of that "pop". Others say that a buffered effect connected before the loop can take care of this. Bought the components and will do some tests soon. 4 audio connections: Input, Send, Return and Output. These can be connected in series by connecting Input to previous effects Output.
- Make a controller: A PIC microcontroller will check for button presses and control relays and LED's for indication. A MIDI controller interface can also be added. Also it might control an LCD for displaying other values. Configurations are stored in EEPROM for easy editing and storage.
- Power supply: As you can see, all my effects use 9V and 9V batteries are expensive and run out of juice quickly. Also the controller and relays need 9V so a 9V power supply can be added (or at least a 9V adapter can be plugged in and distributed around the board.
- Cable tester: A simple mono guitar cable tester can be added to test out my short patch cables and longer cables. I ran into a problem during the final rehearsal, had to get a new cable just before the performance.

So these are the outlines. Any comments (especially about switch units and snubber circuitry) are welcome. I'll start with a crude power supply (an adapter and lots of jacks connected in parallel) for beginning. Then I'll check out switching units, controller and cable tester. I'll post my progress here as I go.
Pirate PIC programmer / Adding support for 18F4550
I changed the pic.c file to add support for 18F4550, however I couldn't test it as I get "Error sending data" messages after "Entering binary mode" message. I just ran the 18F2550 example at the wiki by changing 2550 to 4550. I get these errors both in firmware v5.9 and v5.10, maybe something broken?

I'm also attaching my pic.c file. The only difference should be in the device ID section as 2550 and 4550 have the same memory map but my calculations for flash memory differ: 2550 has 0x160000, but the datasheet says flash size is 32 KB (kilobytes) so I used 32*1024. Is there a mistake in my calculations?

I have a circuit on breadboard, might be able to work some more tomorrow, getting sleepy now.
General discussion / PC Sticker
I had to share this:

In my old lab, people would mess with you computers if you laid them around without any type of security. So I would usually "warn" them for the consequences with some stickers on mine. :) When I got my latest, I bought some stickers also, and one "Dangerous" sticker seemed so incomplete, something was missing there. So with a sharpie, some minor editing and voila!
General discussion / OLED board
Hello everyone,

I have been planning to start with OLED's just to see how they are and what I can do about them. I found out some cool breakout board by Rodrigo Forrequi but when I contacted him for the boards, they sounded a little pricey. Then looking what is available locally, I found the same OLED screens he was referencing to by Univision: black/white one and black/light blue/yellow one.

I am not planing to use his board design directly, I'll have to change it for the local parts available and I'm planning to put all the components on the component side, so that it can be soldered easily with a skillet (a method I'm dying to try!) except the OLED. I am planning to design and order the boards in four weeks or so, and if everything goes OK, I'll have some extra boards that I can easily kit up. Anybody interested?

General discussion / DangerousPrototypes Repair Centers
Just another thing that popped into my mind because of threads like [url_]this[/url]. We have lots of people around the world who are using these prototypes and sometimes messing up with them. Some have the necessary skills & tools and some don't. So I was wondering if anyone is up for forming "repair centers" around the world so that if people cannot solve the problem on their own (no programmer at hand, cannot change the blown out voltage regulator etc.) people can post the prototype to the nearest volunteer and that person can do the repair and send it back. What are your thoughts?
General discussion / LCD problem
Hi guys,

While working on a PIC24 board, I realized that the LCD shows nothing. But when I tilted the LCD a little, voila!, there were the stuff I wanted to write! Can this be caused by the LCD (which means it is broken) or is there the possibility that I missed some initialization routines? Did anyone see something like that before?