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USB Infrared Toy / Reverse engineering the Panasonic AC Infrared protocol
We have just published a new article on reverse engineering the Panasonic AC Infrared protocol
This may be of interest to forum members with USB IR Toys & Air conditioner units.

Details are available here

Full Arduino/IRremote source code & documentation is provided via GitHub. It should be relatively easy to adapt this for use with the USB IR Toy, using your favourite scripting language.
USB Infrared Toy / AnalysIR - St Patrick's Day giveaway!
St Patrick's Day – Giveaway
To celebrate our national day (Ireland) on March 17th 2014, we are giving away up to 17 free copies of AnalysIR, as a thank you to this community.
All you have to do is to send me a PM, between now and March 17th inclusive, with the following message:

[align=center:]“Happy St Patrick’s Day”[/align:]

The criteria for selecting the winners will be based loosely on the quantity & quality of posts made on the DP forum.

NB: the only way to apply is via PM, as outlined above. Please read the conditions below before applying.

1.   We reserve the right to alter the criteria or T&Cs, without notice
2.   A max of 1 copy of AnalysIR per person – for non-commercial use only
3.   You must have at least 20 posts made on the DP forum to enter.
4.   In the event of significant over-subscription, we will decide the winners based on a limited random review of the quality of contributions to the forum.
5.   Winners will be notified ASAP and no later than March 25th.
6.   We will not enter into any discussion about the giveaway.
7.   This giveaway is running simultaneously on a small number of similar sites.
8.   Delivery is via software download. You will require a Windows PC, USB IR Toy (or Arduino, RPi or Tiva C & IR receiver).
USB Infrared Toy / IR Toy - setting the modulaltion frequency with AnalysIR
We have published a review of setting the modulation frequency in the USB IR Toy with AnalysIR.
 We tested & measured all of the common frequencies 30,33,36,38,40,56 & 455kHz and the results were quite good.

The blog article is available via the following:
USB IR Toy – Infrared Modulation frequency review

Attached is a quick preview of the results at the default frequency of 38kHz
USB Infrared Toy / AnalysIR - IR decoder & analyzer
Hi All

We got our USB IR Toy V2 delivered late last week and after a successful initial evaluation, decided to integrate it into AnalysIR as another IR source device.

Currently we have the IR toy decoding all of our Supported IR Protocols quite nicely - using the built-in sampling mode.

We have not integrated the Modulation Measurement yet, but will do so if there is enough interest.

AnalysIR also imports/exports IR signals in a variety of different formats including PRONTO, Global Cache, IRremote, IRLib & Saleae Logic Analyzer. Again we will add import support for the USB IR Toy based on interest, but it is probably just simpler to plug one into the USB port :)

I have attached a screen shot below.

The best place to find out more info about AnalysIR until our website is launched is via our (completed) crowd-funding campaign page on Indiegogo
(Search for AnalysIR, via our blog or PM me via this forum. You can 'Get AnalysIR' using PayPal by following the link below)

Thanks for creating this cool 'toy' - we have already informed our users about our support for it.