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Project development, ideas, and suggestions / OpenMote
Hi guys.

I was thinking that it would be great to create an open WSN mote project.
This project could use some of the popular low-power chips like MSP430 and some radio chip like CC2420.
Basically I'm thinking about a very cheap clone of some existing mote like MicaZ or TelosB.

IMHO the main assumptions should be:
- As cheap as possible (to be able to build a large WSN without spending a lot of $$$)
- Compatible with TinyOS (it's a very popular system for WSN applications)
- Small sizes
- Ultra low power consumption
- Medium radio range ( for in-home environment rather than throwing motes in a big field)
- Developer friendly (some built-in bootloader would be handy)
- more ?

What do you think about that ?
Bus Pirate Support / BusPirate oscilloscope

I've created a simple python script which is able to draw plots from ADC measurements.
Unfortunately I've noticed that single ADC measure is quite slow so it's hard to say that this is working like a real oscope.
Is it possible to modify the firmware so the measurements were taken faster ?
UART 115200 baudrate  would probably let maximum measurable frequency to be about 3kHz in realtime.

See more here: ... cript.html