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Project logs / Small-scale biofuel production
Hi everyone. Not too long ago, I finished my master's project. The goal was to develop a small biofuel production system. I have been working with three other students (an EE and two MEs) and my job was to design and build a control system.

The design is based around a PIC18F66K22 microcontroller. The board has a switching power supply supporting an input voltages of up to 34V, five thermocouple channels, HD44780 LCD interface, a battery backed RTC and a microSD card slot.

The control unit interfaces with an electrical system (designed by my colleague) to control solenoid valves, motors and heating elements.

The programming was done in C and there is support for all the hardware except the RTC and microSD card.

If you want more information, my website has links to project report, schematics and source code.