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Breakout boards / Proto Boards Section - How to Use?
Is there no section here for the proto-boards? I have the xQFP 0.50 + 0.80 proto-board.

Maybe I'm dumb but I can;t figure out how the single pads area is useful at all.
I'm trying to wire stuff thru there but it's kind of useless with single pads.
Are you expected to lay bare wire across pads to join them? Or make solder blobs joiners?

It would be 100x more useful if they were in groups of 3 or 4 or 5, like a normal push-in-pin bread board.
Then you could put a wire in and take one or a few connections out from that.
I've resorted to bend over wire leads so they touch adjacent leads and then blobbing solder on them.

I think the proto-boards are a great idea but I see this single pad section as kind of a waste.
Having a USB and SSOP and some pads for resistor+leds is great. I'd add a section for pin headers to holes so we can add some way to connect off board, and especially for what I really need - an ICSP pin header for programmig a PIC.

Anyway, just suggesting what would make this a lot more useful for me.