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Project logs / Re: Chinwah Projects
[quote author="bearmos"]so how's the reflow oven coming?  that's actually why i had originally started reading this thread:)[/quote]

First pass of PCB had issues with silk screen and footprints.  Fixed and sent out for fab.  Should have this batch back this week or early next week.
Project logs / Re: Chinwah Projects
The Olimex ICD connector is the Molex 5/6 pin 100 mil pitch connector pretty much everyone uses.  The original had 6 pins but no one uses the PGM signal anymore so 5 pins.

Project logs / Re: Chinwah Projects
I have been looking for an alternative to the traditional Olimex ICD 100 mil pitch Molex connector.  A 2mm pitch or smaller would save board space.  I was put off by the mating cycle specs.  The spec is 30 maximum.  I went back and looked at the spec for the original Molex connector and it is also 30 maximum.  They are a lot more durable than that so the smaller connectors should be better than 30 if you dont bend the pins.  I use 2mm pitch connectors for the Xilinx Pod and TI JTAG pod without any problems.  Going as small as 1.27mm is possible.

Project logs / Re: Chinwah Projects
I have a customer who spec's the project and as usual cost is a driving factor.  The VNC2 mets the cost factor and performance.  I am sure that FTDI will fix their compiler issues.  They just have to get the right programmers on the code.
Project logs / Re: Chinwah Projects
If you are talking multiple chips and cost there are lots of ways to go.
Two PIC24's. 
A PIC24 and a MAX3421E.
A pair of MAX3421E and a PIC12/16/18.

Or if FTDI gets their shit together, one VNC2.

I have used the VNC1 before but you cant program it.  It does what it is supposed to do but you have to have another processor to do all the work.
General discussion / Re: good and cheap usb microscope
[quote author="arhi"]200x magnification 1600x1200 pixels ... not sure I like it too much for 110$ ... it is "nice and tiny" but then I'd rather go with cheaper 400x Veho VMS-004 .. I just need to find store that will ship to this stupid country... [/quote]

I have one like the Veho VMS-004.  It works pretty good but the stand is worthless.  I got a clamp and mounted it on a desktop tripod.

I am used to using a stereo microscope so I only use it for inspection or photos.
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: Eagle - Getting Names to Show....
[quote author="ezflyr"]Hi All,

I'm trying really hard to like Eagle, but I find that I'm fighting the software about 1/2 the time. I'm sure that once I've got some more experience under my belt it will be fine!

I'm working on a schematic now, and I can't seem to get 'Names' to appear on my nets. For example, I add a wire to an IC pin, and then give the wire a name, but the name does not show up on the schematic. 'Names' is enabled under display/layers with a gray color. I can't seem to find anywhere else to turn net names on/off.



Right click on the net.  In the popup menu click on label.  Position the label where you want it and left click on the position.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: OBD2 J1850/VPW Mode
I was digging in my Eagle Projects files and found that I had a schematic and board for the ObdDiag.Net OBD-II ELM327 compatible AllPro adapter with USB.  The version I have sch and bd files for is the previous version with the Freescale chips.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: OBD2 J1850/VPW Mode
I just bought a 2010 BMW G650GS motorcycle and it has an onboard computer that uses the CAN bus.  There are a couple of companies that sell OBD interfaces to connect to it's computer but they are expensive.  I have considered building an interface but you have to have good documentation on the codes and results which I am not sure is available.

In the past I have used the ELM-320 chip in a project for my Ford truck.  ELM is a small developer trying to make a living and I do not support hacking his products. 

Elm has a lot of examples for use of his chips.  A lot of the hassle is in the actual interface to the vehicle computer. 

I ran across OBD-DIAG which has some interesting hardware available.  They have simulators so that you dont need to have a bunch of cars or computers.