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USB Infrared Toy / Re: USB Infrared Toy and IRScope
Would it be too difficult to allow bootloader.exe to activate the bootloader when the IR Toy is flashed with the IR Widget firmware?

Making the IR Widget emulation another IR Toy mode is great, but in the meantime it would be easier to flash from one firmware to another via software.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR TOY2 does IRscope2 (IR Widget)
The IR Widget is not a substitute for the IR Toy, it just saves you the trouble of having to flash the IR Toy twice and use a jumper to do so.

But it could be the other way around if the IR Widget firmware is improved to allow the use of bootloader.exe, instead of forcing the user to use a jumper to flash the IR Toy.

Another option is to integrate the IR Widget functionality as another mode, although that could require modification of the IR Scope software.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR Toy firmware v23 tests
v11 - Last version with the previous USB stack

v20 - Introduced new open source USB stack (standby issues)

v22 - Fixed 48byte transmit bug / Fixed bug when IRS mode settings were used (eg custom PWM frequency)
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR TOY2 does IRscope2 (IR Widget)
I'm hoping for a fix, or better yet, to include this functionality as another mode of the IR Toy.

Isn't the infrared frequency measurement the key feature of the IR Toy v2?

I bought it with the idea of using it to identify IR protocols, and I'm glad that even if a bit awkward it is still possible to use it this way.

In the meantime, found this script (I know bleh Perl), which could be coded in another language  ...

IR Toy .bin to IRScope .ict converter script
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR TOY2 does IRscope2 (IR Widget)
Has anyone being able to activate the bootloader via bootloader.exe after flashing with the IR Widget firmware?

The firmware is great, but you lose the ability to flash back the IR Toy unless you short PGC/PGD.