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Project logs / Re: My HAKKO classic and T12/T15 soldering controller
welcome back from holidays ;)
@sparkybg: could you tell me if there is any difference in soldering performance between using your controller with T12 tips and original JBC with C245? I saw in your video that JBC heats up much faster, so you can actually set the resting temp to ambient and the tip will heat itself up to the working temperature while positioning the tip for soldering, but on the other hand T12 can have resting temp at around 150 degrees and it will heat up to the working temp in similar time. And as you mentioned - the tips are much cheaper (around €4 vs €20-30 for JBC).
Project logs / Re: My HAKKO classic and T12/T15 soldering controller
I'm considering new soldering station for my shop. After reading this thread I'm considering three options:
1) Do what OP did: purchase BK3000LF, build a controller, get FX-9051 handle
2) build a custom controller and get a JBC handle + tips
3) purchase JBC CD-2BC (I can get a set with 4 tips for around €340)

Pricing for those options:
1) BK3000LF €65, FX-9051 handle €40, controller - unknown, T12 cartridge set - €40 = €145 + price of the controller. From what I was checking - OSHPark priced the boards at about €65 for a set of three, so that's €210 + parts
2) BK3000LF + boards €130, parts unknown, JBC handle + 5 cartridges €160, total €290 + cost of the controller parts
3 )JBC CD-2BC €290 with handle and two tips, additional 3 tips €65

So practicality says that the only options left are 1) and 3). Can anyone tell me how does the T12 with this controller compare to CD-2BC (or BB in that matter)?
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Another custom case
Some time ago I was looking for 3D printing/laser cutting facility. Finally found one.
Case design is based on existing cases I found here and on the Internet.
Case is made from 4 layers of 3mm laser cut black acrylic. All text is engraved and filled with white paint.
Buttons are cut from the same material, and they are mounted with double sided tape to the top cover (each button is actually a sandwich of two buttons and double sided tape - it touches a little those small switches on board). Smaller light guides for diodes are made from elastic light pipe, cut with Xacto knife and flame-polished, bigger ones are just 3mm light guides I had in a drawer).
How much did it cost?
€6 enclosure
€1 engraving
€1.5 filling with white paste
€3 shipping

PCB is snug fit for this case, so no rattling :D

Pictures below:
General discussion / Re: Laser cutting service
I had a nice chat with the owner, and he is willing to help with other enclosures as well. I was trying to post full details, but the forum said the post is too spammy :(

I have an idea to design common base for the OBLS and then different top covers with different number of holes, so if needed you can just choose the base and then the top as you like.
General discussion / Re: Laser cutting service
I was asking around here and laser cutting companies are not interested in such small jobs. Or they have a setup fee of over $100. There are three hackerspaces in Ireland, but none of them have a laser cutter, and the one with CNC machine is 260kms from me.
I'll keep looking...

EDIT: I just found company in Poland that makes similar enclosures (based on Bob Clough's design) for $6+$4shipping. I think my search is over :)
General discussion / Laser cutting service
Hi all!

I'm new to post on this forum, but was lurking here for some time :)

I have small issue - I'm finishing design for OLS case, cut from 3mm acrylic (sturdy layered build) and looking for possibly cheap service to cut it out. Seeed was one of the options, but there is minimal order of 5 pieces. Ponoko was second choice, but as I was pleased with material+cutting cost (around $8 in Germany fab, $14 in UK), that first positive impression was killed by shipping. I live in Ireland and minimum cost of shipping was $40. If anyone can recommend a place with cheap cutting and cheap shipping, I will be very grateful.