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Project logs / Re: GLCD Clock Project
yeah, the menu was no issue. infact the menu was MUCH better than i expected. well done.

i do think that next time i would suggest a different LCD as almost every other GLCD like this that i have come across as a different pinout to this one. but it seems to be a standard.

either way. thanks for the board and if you get the 18f version finsied let me know.
Project logs / Re: GLCD Clock Project
Thanks for the tip, after a bit of sleep and a fresh set of eyes, i found that i had put a dag of solder shorting the SDA and SLC lines,
A quick touch with the soldering iron and bamm, all good. it even had kept a time becuase the battery was still in it from last night.

IMG_7983 (2)


IMG_7984 (2)

the soldering is a bit messy but it works. now to make a mount for it. (and get a battery )

Also is there any chance of the code or the ability to swap the month and day. we run dd/mm/yy here so it would be good if i could change it or get it changed. oh and i dont believe the temp. it seems to change a bit. not long after i took the pic i reset it and now its sitting on 19.75.
otherwise ,
 i finally finished and get working one of the PCB's from here, my other couple of pcb's i couldnt get working .

ps, ian, does this count for the pcb code? :)
Project logs / Re: GLCD Clock Project
After finally getting all the parts for this PCB i managed to finish putting it together tonight.

Found a few gotcha's. Firstly , the ICSP header pinout is weird. but i managed to make an adaptor for that using a breadboard.

then i was still having issues. I found that i needed to power the PCB for the pickit2 programmer to work. took me about an hour to work that one out as any time ive needed to program i pic before i was allways able to program the pic without powerig the board.

but finally i got it all together, and managed to get the power led to flash. lcd lit up and nothing on the display, :( ah wait , adjusted the pot and got a display.

glcd dots

But now im stuck. i thought it might have been becuase i didnt have a battery in the socket, so i found a battery, i didnt have the right size but that 2032 seems to make contact .

anyway, at that point im stuck. the buttons dont seem to do anything. anyidea's?

PS, i used the 1.2 firmware you sent me
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: OpenWRT router WR703N smart home automation compared to
i have just got one of these routers and damm they are tiny,

i have been thinking about the 8MB flash chip upgrade and i was wondering, do people think it would be possible to double stack the flash chips but connect the second chips chipselect pin to one of the spare gpio, allowing to use of both the original 4mb + the stacked 8mb chip?

i dont know much about how linux access's the flash chip so im not sure if it would be possible to mod the kernal to use the second cs pin,

what do people think?
General discussion / Re: Need help with LCD.
nice pics of the Scope. reminds me of mine sitting on the shelf.

Ill try and get some pics of my 2236 with a dodgy power supply . its been sitting on my shelf for about 12 months now with the case off.
Project logs / Re: GLCD Clock Project

did you end up with a newer design PCB or should i just get some of the original made? I hadnt heard anything so i thought i would ask again as i think this is a great little project.

Project logs / Re: GLCD Clock Project

could i make a small suggestion,

If your going to add a USB type port to the board why not change the PIC to a USB pic and use that instead. I realise its more work but it would end up cheaper than using an external FDTI chip.

Also im sure there would be someone here that could find an open source USB stack to work with it :)

ALso if your getting some boards made then ill hang off and im happy to contribute to the newer ones.

edit: PM sent
Project logs / Re: GLCD Clock Project
I have loaded the new files and they seem to work great.

Ill look at getting some boards made up by seed or someone and hopefully Ill have some to donate to the PCB Pile. im sure ian wouldnt mind.

Edit: as long as your ok with that.
Project logs / Re: GLCD Clock Project
This is great news,

Thanks heaps for the boards and hopefully with the source code
 Keep up the great work

edit: using eagle PCB 5.11.0 i get a message "inconsistant Data" in both files. The Board file opens but the schematic file doesnt.
Are you using a different version?
Also have you added the pullup resistor or should it be added.
Project logs / Re: GLCD Clock Project
Very nicely done, I really like this clock. simple yet usefull project with enough hacking ability to be fun.

Would there be any chance of releasing the board and source files (sorry if i missed them somewhere) as i would really love to make one of these as a project.

thanks in advance

Either way, keep up the good work.
Open source USB stack / Re: honkens' open source usb stack
I have been reading this thread with interest.

very good work btw.

One question i have is does the stack support USB serial number (unique ID?) ?
So that it stops the issue that i have with the microchip stack that creates a new serial port every time the device is plaugged into a different usb port.