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Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: PIC firmware v3.0 for Demon core v3
Hi guys i want to report a problem with my logic analyzer v1.04.

I'm trying to program the PIC firmware 3.0 but i cannot succed with it. In my logic analyzer i have the binary for the FPGA 3.07 demon-core.
Now if i try use all the tools that i've found on the forum they dont work. Instead with my PICKIT2 i can program without any problem the version OLSv1.04-firmware-v2.3 (but with this i think that i have some problem with the client of the logic analyzer). Then if i try to open the OLSv1.firmware.v2.6 or OLSv1.firmware.v3.0 with the PICKIT2 it say:
- Warning: No configuration words in hex file. In MPLAB use File-Export to save hex with config.
And of course, if i click on write, it success without any problem, but after that with this 2 version of firmware the logic analyzer it's not recognize anymore when i connect it with the usb cable. Can someone suggest me what to do?

Must be something about the V1.04 OBLS (see