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Flashrom / Re: Accessing laptop flash in place - no luck, 0xFF's
how did you measure the voltages on the CS and DI lines?

the most reliable way to do this is to remove the flash. the BP is not capable of powering an entire laptop. you can be sure with the chip removed nothing else from the laptop is interfering.
SI-light RGB architectural lighting / Re: Is it legal to have white LED lights in place ?
I can't say for sure for Pa. some states are bad about modifying stock equipment. as a general rule, the only things you cant change the color of lights and must be solidly lit if not a directional.

it is the drivers responsibility to ensure the vehicle meets safety standards. this also includes visibility of registration tags.

to be on the safe side, design your light as two separate circuits, and don't over illuminate, keep it under 5 watts.
General discussion / Re: Storm related electronics is underlooked
fortunately the ice did not make it to my area, however i received 10 inches of snow. I too keep flashlights, batteries, fuel, food and medical supplies handy. one under looked area in at home disaster planing is communications.

I am a ham, and have a few hand-helds for these situations. however the closest repeater won't key up with out at least 20 watts. both my base station and my VoIP are dependent on the grid. fortunately the lines from the main road are buried and outages are rare where i live. however the closing of Vermont Yankee. has me wondering if i will need a reliable backup for my radio, VoIP, modem and server and switch. The problem i seem to be encountering, is that i can't run a generator or have large batteries inside the building because of restrictions imposed by my fascist landlords.

I have considered getting a ups, however most units will only allow me to keep power for about 20 minutes. what i should do is create an Ethernet switch that will bypass the server for only the VoIP and let everything else power-down.
General discussion / Re: Shenzhen sourcing trip November 18th
Ian I have been working on some RF projects. i'd like to see some type of RF kits from DP in the future. transistors, filters, and RF-IC kits would make an awesome addition to the DP product family.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: Buspirate 3.6 alive?
since the buspirate is by far the most popular DP product, SEEED will usualy replace without requiring the defective units to be sent back.

there was a recent discovery, that the newest drivers from ftdi had problems with windows 8. look here for more regarding this issue http://

I am willing to troubleshoot any defective unit, to help fix manufacturing or design issues, etc.. but please check for known issues first if your able to.
General discussion / Re: Storage Container Question
i have been using these for a while, bought at home depot on sale. they have a silicone seal, but i'm not sure they would keep my probes dry if submerged.
Project logs / holiday break project
who's been working on projects this holiday?

i just hit a relatively high point in one of my projects.


just barely up to spec for 2M tranmitter.
General discussion / Re: Where is Ian ?
[quote author="t0mpr1c3"]That won't do. I'll have donate some of mine down the line. That is, when I have got some boards and documented them.[/quote]

Anyone is free to give away pcb & etc. on the forum, if you wish to announce via the blog, there is several of us able to that too.
General discussion / Re: Where is Ian ?
what has only 2 in stock?

I'm sure he ha not stopped prototyping, however i believe he is busy with other business.

as for Ian's exact whereabouts, your guess is as good as mine. probably somewhere in China.
General discussion / Re: Do you think Raspberry Pi and Arduino is overhyped
[quote author="electrodynatronic"]I see a lot of hate for them among "real" developers, but there is nothing that can get a new person up and running with microcontrollers faster and cheaper than an Arduino. As for those who say it is too slow, or complain about the lack of a debugger, a little bit of cleverness can overcome a lot of those problems.[/quote]

I strongly disagree, especially if your only looking at speed to first blink.

yes it can be fast to get arduino up and running. The standard first program can be setup on many micros in no time flat. for example; the Silicon Labs IDE combined with SDCC for 8051 can have the it blinking in minutes without knowing anything specific about the 8051.

i have seen many people get turned off from other platforms, after first being starting with arduino. for some reason learning the higher level programming before the lower level tends to impart a perceived high level of difficulty in embedded programming. if this is not the case for you, congratulations your above the average, otherwise I suggest keep trying if you want to learn embedded programming.

and as far as price: http:// please show me a genuine arduino for less.
General discussion / Re: Do you think Raspberry Pi and Arduino is overhyped
[quote author="jaromir"]sqk: you will not find much fanboys over here. Here is a lot of engineers, doing engineering work and fanboy / blogger crowd is afraid of those things.
Try to write such as comment on hackaday or so and you'll se more of excitement.

And yes, rpi and arduino is overhyped.[/quote]

true, most of the fanboys here are not into rpi or arduino.

if your interested in hearing more about some of the problems with rpi, goto E14 forum, multiple threads on the subject.

that 5 minutes were actually spent in the water closit