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Logic Pirate / Re: Problem with Logic Shrimp firmware update under Linux: Erased my firmware
I'm not sure about the status on Windows 10, but the firmware you're asking about is a combined firmware and bootloader that can be flashed with a programmer (pickit, bus pirate, etc).

Thanks for the hint!

In the meantime, I set up a Windows 7 virtual machine and flashed the firmware with the windows version of the Diolan tool. I'd love to be able to flash using Linux, though. Has nobody else had problems? Is it maybe a distribution or kernel version specific issue? (Kernel 4.9 being "too new" for those old tools?)
Logic Pirate / Problem with Logic Shrimp firmware update under Linux: Erased my firmware

I recently got a Logic Shrimp v1.0 (OCT 2010).

The initial firmware version was, iirc, 1.1
Since I had problem with that (couldn't cancel measurements, couldn't really get any measurements to work), I thought a firmware update would help.

I have access to a Windows 10 computer, however, there seem to be problems with the HID driver when I set the Logic Shrimp into bootloader mode.

So I tried updating the firmware under Linux. I found these two tools, which seem to be based on the original Diolan utility:

However, although the output says

Code: [Select]
fw_update -t NO -vid 0x04D8 -pid 0xFA96 -e -w -m flash -ix shrimp/Firmware/LogicShrimpv1-firmware-v1.3.hex 
U2IO flash erasing: DONE.
U2IO flash programming: DONE.
Operation successfully completed.

A subsequent "verify" yields

Code: [Select]
w_update -t NO  -vid 0x04D8 -pid 0xFA96  -v -ix shrimp/Firmware/LogicShrimpv1-firmware-v1.3.hex
U2IO flash verifying: 0%retry = 0

retry = 1

retry = 2

retry = 3

retry = 4

U2IO flash verifying: FAILED.
Verification failed.
Operation aborted.

If I only read out the hex file

Code: [Select]
fw_update  -vid 0x04D8 -pid 0xFA96  -r -ox rrrLogicShrimpv1-firmware-v1.3.hex

I get


So the flash is completely empty.

When I try to use the Logic Shrimp (in not-bootloader mode), only the PWR LED lights up, the device is not recognized on USB (dmesg -w and lsusb don't say anything).

Is there anything I can do now?

Also, more-or-less unrelated quetion: What are the "LogicShrimpv1-BL1FW1.x-DUMP.hex" firmware files for?

Thanks in advance!