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Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
[quote author="lovethesmellofrosin"]Hello everyone...

I've been watching this forum for a while, as I geared up to start my build. Does anyone have any info regarding PCBs that are currently available? The eBay link that I've found no longer has them "in stock", but I'm not sure if that means they will no longer have any at all, or it's just for the time being. I've sent a message to ask, and am awaiting the reply. In case the seller will no longer have any to sell, does anyone know a good option, other than having them fabbed myself?


Got mine from Tindie but its out of stock now, was out of stock when i wanted to order as well, but got stocked eventually.
Could use jlpcb to make it, although you would end up with 10 of them :)