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Project logs / Re: "Diolan Plus" bootloader.
I'm using a PIC4550 with a 16MHz crystal and I'm looking for an USB bootloader to it. I read about Diolan's bootloader , so, I downloaded it and I changed the original project to be programmed to an PIC18F4550 and not a PIC18F4455 as it was originally written. So, I did the following changes on the bootloder's code:

In source files where was originally
Code: [Select]
 #include "P18F4455.INC"
I changed to
Code: [Select]
 #include "P18F4550.INC" 
On the Header files, I remove the file "P18F4455.INC" of the project and add the"P18F4550.INC instead, I downloaded it from here. The compilation succeed and I was able to program the bootloader into the PIC18F4550's flash. I used PIckit3 and MPLABV8 to do it.

I did not encrypt my application using the encoder, I just tried to write it to memory without encrypt it. So, I copied and paste my .hex file application to the bin folder where the fw_update is.
I found on the bootloader's project file that :
Code: [Select]
#define BOOTLOADER_VID 0x0000 ; MUST BE VALID Vendor ID
#define BOOTLOADER_PID 0x0000 ; MUST BE VALID Product ID

So, I opened the console and typed:

Code: [Select]
fw_update -e -w -v -vid 0x0000 -pid 0x0000 -ix example.hex 

The followed message appears:
U2IO flash erasing: FAILED.
Device is not found.
Operation aborted.

On the device manager of windows 10, It appears as a HID USB device but with a yellow exclamation.
Does someone have some advice or tip of what it is happening ?

I downloaded the diolan-plus2 at github and started to read the documentation (ALL ABOUT THE DIOLAN PLUS BOOTLOADER), but the files that the pdf document refers to, are not at the zip folder that I downloaded from github, so I can't do the modifications. Please, has someone a tip or an adivice ?