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USB Infrared Toy / Re: Irtoy shows up as CDC Test device
Sorry for giving such an incorrect answer  :-[ , and thanx to @zampalot for his answer.

So, for kernels >= 5.9, the /dev/lircn-device (n=0,1,2,3,... ) and the driver "default" should be used, while the old irtoy driver should be used with older kernels.

More details here.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IRToy not receiving on linux
I purchased an IRToy v2 from SeeedStudio,
Do they ship?

I am connecting the IRToy to an Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS machine with lirc 0.10.0.
But it appears you did not read the documentation, namely the irtoy driver. Then you would not have...
I first tried following USB IR Toy: Configure LIRC. irrecord only got to Hold down an arbitrary button with the incantation sudo irrecord -H irman  -d /dev/ttyACM1 remote.conf. It always gave Timeout (10 sec), giving  up..
Use the irtoy driver, not irman! As is described in ...

mythtv's IRToy page. Both pushed me to upgrade the firmware. I had trouble telling when the device was in firmware upgrade mode. I used screen to send "$" to the device. Usually, the orange LED would come on. Sometimes, the orange LED would turn on just from physically moving the device. I tried with fw_update from and dpavlin/fw_update.git. With sudo ./fw_update -e -w -v -m all -vid 0x04D8 -pid 0xFD08 -ix ../USBIRToyv24.hex I got error U2IO flash erasing: FAILED. Segmentation fault. That was a couple days ago.
The command I have been using says "flash" instead of "all".

Today, I tried things again. irrecord couldn't see any events on the first run. If I run irrecord a second time, I get "Could not init hardware (lircd running ? --> close it, check permissions)". Only unplugging and replugging allowed irrecord to get to "Hold down an arbitrary button" again....
I recommend using IrScrutinizer instead of irrecord. Supports IrToy directly, and is much easier to get to work.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: fw_update not working in linux or OS X
Hmmm... The program (pic_bootloader.cpp and pic_bootloader.h) expects a file called "usb.h", not libusb.h. On my Fedora 29 system, libusb-devel installs such a file, as /usr/include/usb.h.

How to solve this cleanly is not entirely clear. Ideally. the author of the program should check that the program compiles and works with the present libusb.

Try this: just copy your libusb.h to somewhere where the compiler finds it, using the name usb.h.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Device not responding
I get the impression that the irtoy program is to blame (since everything works with IrScrutinizer (which uses the RXTX library for serial communications)),

What do you want to achieve? Sending an IR signal using the IrToy hardware from the command line?
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Device not responding
If I understand correctly, whenever you issue the irtoy command, the IrToy first sends the expected signal, then goes into a coma. This coma is not bootloader mode (orange LED does not go on). The toy is un-coma-d by replugging. And it is working fine with IrScrutinizer (thanks for those nice words :-))? 

Does the output of lsusb (the linux command) differ between when the toy is sane and when it is in coma? What exactly is your operating system and hardware?

Another simple thing to try is with sudo and a negative nice-value, i.e.. 

sudo nice -n -20 ./irtoy ...
USB Infrared Toy / Re: Device not responding
Sounds like you have "found" the bootloader mode. Just reflash the firmware.

There are several threads about this.

If this does not help, let us know.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IrToy Firmware Issue
I have to make a few comments on this.

PriSim's problem has very little to do with the IrToy. How to use a chip programmer is probably better aimed at a PIC/Microchip oriented forum.

As tayken, I also consider PriSim's tone inappropriate.

The last two person I tried to help in this forum just did not reply at all. No report if it helped them, no thank-you, no nuthin'.
USB Infrared Toy / Re: IR Toy v2 just stopped working...
Last resort is to solder ICSP pins to the board, and flash it with an external programmer, like the PICkit3. I had similar symptom some time ago, and did exactly that. It worked.

Problem is that "normally" a PICkit3 (or equivalent) is much more expensive than an IrToy... Bit I just Googled for "PICkit3" and found some really good prices from Asian sources. No idea it that is to recommend...