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OpenOCD JTAG / Re: Bus Pirate - OpenOCD - Raspbery Pi
openocd would tell you that it found different tapid. But i only see in the logs that input is all ones (or zeroes i dont remember) that suggests: wrong connection, disabled jtag.
OpenOCD JTAG / Re: Bus Pirate - OpenOCD - Raspbery Pi
double check your connection, TDI on TDI and TDO on TDO ... its not like uart where you connect rx to tx.

second thing to check is: is jtag enabled on rpi ? Like you said:
..Pi does not have Jtag turned on by default...
This might be the problem ;)
OpenOCD JTAG / Re: nop before setting TCK
Assembly part of the code was written by TNT. And yes, you have to wait one instruction cycle between writes to GPIO. It is stated somewhere in Datasheet, and typically overlooked (Sjaak knows ;) )
OpenOCD JTAG / Re: Proposed changes to the OpenOCD driver
You need to learn how to use git diff (to produce patches), and git format patch (to produce formated patches).... Yet better, learn how to submit code directly to openocd tracking system. (its not that hard and you get proper credit)

Just be sure that the code does not break anything.
OpenOCD JTAG / Re: Memory reads over JTAG slightly corrupt
is this on windows ? or linux ?

on widows there is some weirdness with translating LF to CR LF .... 0x0A and 0x0D are exactly those characters.

This can very easily be the same problem with linux. And there might be bug in the serial port initialization routine.
OpenOCD JTAG / Re: OpenOCD should discard on start-up all stale data
There are actually few things that can happen:

BP was sending data as reply to some command, and the command finished.
BP was in the middle of tap_shift function, and still is there.

For the first flushing would suffice.

For the second case, there almost no real solution. You need to finish the sending of the tap data to end this function. (up to 2kb of data that needs to be sent). There is no side channel on which you can signal BP to restart (its a serial port). Using RTS/DTR could work, but not universal for all states in which BP can be. (user could have BP that is in transparent bridge mode, RTS DTR are ignored or else). For BPv4 it would be possible to send some "control usb packet" to reset buspirate, this would also need fw support. (and would no be compatible with BPv3)
Pirate PIC programmer / Re: picprog binary for windows?
for windows you should define something like "WIN32", so it switches to Windows' serial port handling routines.

There is a project for Codeblocks and it has not been updated for the very recent versions. Also note that you need fairly new firmware in buspirate, so that pic24 writing is supported. (6.2 and newer?)

I have tested bpv4 writing and reading, but havent played with piratepicprog since (that is almost year ago). But i doubt anyone touched it :) so it should be working.