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Attachments - Scorpia

Filename   Downloads Message Posted
pic 18f usb led .zip 327 Re: NYE POV project?
pic 18f usb led brd .pdf 606 Re: NYE POV project?
pic 18f usb led sch .pdf 1,097 Re: NYE POV project?
buspirate with led's on.JPG 2,375 Re: BP v3 Arrived
buspirates with cables.JPG 2,385 Re: BP v3 Arrived
#twatch v1a.JPG 2,551 #twatch V1a
BusPirate GUI.jpg 3,866 Re: Buspirate Windows GUI
screws.JPG 4,690 Re: got mine today.
hyperterm speeds.png 5,639 Higher serial speeds?
ds30 boot loader.png 5,641 Higher serial speeds?
connections.JPG 13,198 Re: i2c, wii nunchuck
nunchuck.JPG 13,199 Re: i2c, wii nunchuck